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Consumer protection and the highest degree of safety for the handling of electro technical products is a major goal of the VDE. Standards, safety research and product testing are the traditional tasks, which make the VDE an essential companion of technological progress.

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VDE Marks - Ten Benefits Why You Should Pay Attention

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VDE Institute's main goal is to protect the consumer from risk.The VDE Mark, the German mark with global significance, signals to the consumer that the safety of electronic products has been tested for all respective risks by an impartial party.

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Swiss consumer-protection organization Topten

The significance of the VDE in consumer protection extends beyond Germany's borders. Both independent and globally active organizations, the Swiss consumer-protection organization Topten and the VDE Test and Certification Institute GmbH have transformed their cooperation into a partnership and now pursue common objectives. Topten, too, bases its product evaluations on the VDE mark. At the center are tests of electrical devices with respect to energy efficiency, environmental performance, and usability. Not just VDE and Topten profit from the insights, but also consumers, retailers, and manufacturers. They obtain reliable statements about standards compliance and legal requirements.
In regular exchanges, important market issues and new technologies are identified and new projects for in-depth investigation of individual device categories are launched. The intent is thus to promote gains in expertise on both sides. In addition, Topten and VDE plan to conduct "conformity tests" in Europe to increase market transparency and improve product quality—this in cooperation with the European Commission, national government agencies, manufacturers' associations, and independent consumer organizations.
Topten's product lists are available for most European countries.