For the consistent quality of the VDE-tested products, a monitoring of the production is necessary
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2020-02-24 Testing + Certification

Inspection and Monitoring

Certification with the VDE mark is required when the production of the approved products is monitored. The aim of monitoring the certified products is to ensure constant quality and condition – analogous to the initial authorization.

The VDE Institute conducts – either upon request or as a special inspection measure as part of conformity monitoring – additional inspections and product control tests.


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Inspection and Testing related to VDE product certifications

Monitoring of production facilities by the VDE Institute
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  • Industrial inspections for VDE-certified products
  • Industrial inspections for products with other certification marks


  • Conformity monitoring tests
  • Product monitoring tests, so-called periodic tests, based on the guidelines of European certification processes (e.g. ENEC)

Confirmations and documents

The VDE mark as a symbol for security
  • Inspection reports based on the above-mentioned processes (CENELEC inspection process, CB-FSS inspection process, ENEC process, inspection processes of other bodies)
  • Document confirming routine inspections to maintain the VDE mark
  • Certificate confirming routine inspections on a voluntary basis according to the factory inspection procedure harmonized in Europe
  • Test reports as basis for product release before shipment

More detailed information to the VDE marks and attestations can be found here.

Additional services for Inspection and Monitoring

  • Monitoring of production facilities and products
  • Industrial inspections for products with European certification marks (ENEC, HAR, etc.)
  • Industrial inspections for products with certification marks of other bodies
  • Industrial inspections commissioned by more than 40 foreign testing and certification bodies according to their sets of rules
  • Industrial inspections in Germany, Europe, Asia and overseas
  • Industrial inspections done voluntarily

        - according to the industrial inspection process harmonized in Europe
        - according to the international inspection process of the IEC
        - specific inspections, expert opinions and tests acc. to customer-specific guidelines

  • Inspection of current production (during production inspection)
  • Inspection before shipping (pre-shipment inspection)
  • Expert opinion of production facilities (factory evaluation)
  • Product control tests (conformity control on demand)
  • Conformity monitoring on products
  • CENELEC inspection process (CIG process)
  • IECEE factory surveillance service (IECEE-FSS process)

The following serve as basis:

Factory Audit and evaluation by the VDE Institute
  • The Testing and Certification System of the VDE Institute
  • Customer-specific requirements
  • CENELEC industrial inspection process (CIG process)
  • IECEE factory surveillance service (IECEE-FSS)
  • Sets of rules of foreign certification bodies

Your advantages

Approval of the production facilities by the VDE Institute
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By carrying out the inspection by the VDE Institute and its selected partners, you benefit from many years of expertise. As the inspections are carried out on the basis of European and other internationally recognized policies, you can be assured that the inspection results will be internationally recognized. To make sure that your product will be produced in uniform quality, we will issue you an expert opinion on the production facility.

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