Bahn, Schiff und Offshore
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Railway, Ships and Offshore

Whether for the application in railway coaches and trains or aboard ship, we test the electrical product in simulation processes for its suitability for the heavy duty it shall perform.

From electrical and electronic components via electrical installation systems to the consumer product: the VDE Institute expertly examines the product very carefully.


Dr. Günter Schipper

Product Examples


In General we can test the following products:

  • Low voltage switch gear
  • Relays
  • Terminals and connector systems
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Luminaries and household appliances
  • Medical and measuring technology
  • IT Products
  • Motors, rectifiers and inverted rectifiers
  • Cables and cords

Railway coaches and trains:

  • Energy cables and signal cords (i.e. vibration, cold, heat influence in the gravel bed)
  • Special connectors (IP protection class test, chemical resistance in oils and lubricants, vibration, shocks)
  • Hydraulic and electrical supply systems for streetcars and ICE trains
  • Electronic display panels

Maritime, Navy and Offshore:

  • On-wall distribution boxes for maritime applications
  • Luminaries
  • Submarine switch cabinets
  • Specific agreements with Lloyds-Register about recognition and VDE approval and
  • LR(Lloyds Register)-Type-Approval-Additional Tests by VDE
  • Agreements with other ship classifying bodies

Our Service Offer


  • Safety tests according to relevant standards
  • Climate tests (temperature and humidity)
  • Temperature shock tests (2 chamber and 3 chamber system)
  • Sun ray simulation test
  • Test for protection against water and dust penetration (IP test)
  • Salt mist test
  • Corrosive gas and condensation water test
  • Shock test
  • Vibration test (with and w/o climate overlap)
  • Switch contact life cycle test
  • Vibration and shock test
  • Tensile and pressure test
  • Needle flame test
  • Glow wire test
  • Ball pressure test
  • Creepage current test
  • Chemical analysis
  • Electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC)


Seaworthy electrical products

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