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2020-02-24 Testing + Certification

Testing and Certifying Products for Rail, Ship and Offshore

Electronic products used on rail vehicles or high sea must be able to withstand a lot. Alongside short circuit currents, they are exposed to vibrations and shaking as well as external environmental influences such as rapid changes in temperature, water, salt spray, oily environments and strong sunshine.


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To ensure safe operation in such extreme conditions, the VDE Institute carries out tests exactly tailored to the product’s planned use. From electrical and electronic components to electrical installation systems and consumer products, the VDE Institute uses environmental simulation processes to test suitability for use.

Product safety  is also of especially high importance. A fire caused by a short circuit can have catastrophic consequences on high sea or on a rail vehicle. VDE-certified safety helps planners and buyers minimize such risks.

We test the following products:

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For rail vehicles:

  • Electronic display boards
  • Power and signal cables (e.g. vibration, cold and heat in gravel)
  • Hydraulic and electrical supply equipment for trams and ICE trains
  • Special connectors (IP protection class, chemical resistance in oils and lubricants, swinging, shocks, IP protection class)

For shipping, marine and offshore:

  • Wall-mounted distributer boxes for nautical use
  • Lights
  • Control cabinets, also for submarines

We also test electronic devices intended for use on rail vehicles as well as ships. Again, we use environmental simulations tailored to the expected conditions and support manufacturers throughout the development process.

Our services

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           o Hazardous gas and condensation testing

           o Pull and push testing

           o Salt spray testing

           o Shock testing

           o Sun simulation testing

           o Swinging and combined shock testing

           o Temperature testing (temperature and damp)

           o Testing to protect from water and dust penetration (IP testing) 

           o Temperature shock testing (2 and 3 chamber System)

           o Vibration testing (with and without temperature overlap)           

           o Ball pressure testing

           o Glow wire testing

           o Needle flame testing

           o Surface leakage testing 


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Our certifications

  • VDE, VDE-GS, VDE-ENEC, VDE-EMC, VDE Quality Tested
  • CB certificates, CCC, EAC and all other national approvals
  • EU certificates of conformity


VDE certificates and additional tests can be authorized based on cooperation agreements on the recognition of VDE certificates with the Lloyd’s Register as well as other shipping classifiers.


Detailed information on these certificates are provided here.

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