Safety already starts with the smallest component
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2020-02-24 Testing + Certification

Components and installation technology – Testing and certification at the VDE Institute

Safety already begins with the smallest component and continues with all electric and electronic components that are used in assemblies, devices and systems for home, business and industry. And because safety depends on detail, precision and testing quality are our utmost priority.

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Even if the device or system seems very attractive: If a switch, relay, or even a fuse does not provide the necessary quality, then the entire system is called into question. And if there is a problem with quality or safety, then the manufacturer’s reputation quickly suffers, and the consumer is put at risk. Therefore, you can trust the VDE Institute’s decades of experience along with our testing and certification quality. Due to our work in international standardization bodies, manufacturers can benefit from up-to-date information as early as during development of their products.

VDE-tested products are preferably used

The VDE marks are well-known premium marks for tested safety of electric and electronic components, assemblies and systems in Europe and the world. They are proven to be not just a test seal but an award. Irrespective of whether it’s manufacturers of electrical and electronic components, assemblies or systems, whether it’s research and development, contractors, distributors or installers: Installation technology components and products bearing the VDE mark are gladly used, because people can rely on the VDE Institute’s neutral testing. The VDE Institute’s test mark with “Made in Germany” test quality provides the required peace of mind, thereby paving the way to all markets – geographically and specific to an industry.

VDE mark endorsed by energy supplier SEC in Saudi Arabia

In its tenders, the Saudi Arabian energy supplier Saudi Electric Company (SEC) endorses products with the VDE mark for its installations. Manufacturers who trust the VDE mark have a much better chance of winning contracts in tenders and also don’t need to spend time and money on tests or certification.
The endorsed products include:

  • Fiber optic cable
  • Terminal blocks, series terminals, terminal strips
  • Low voltage power lines and control cables/ leads
  • Low voltage switchgear, circuit breakers etc
  • Relays
  • Switchgear combinations, network stations, transfer stations, switch fields...
  • UPS systems, uninterrupted electrical supply equipment


Re-testing of type B residual-current circuit-breakers

The expert committee UK 541.3 of the DKE proposed the urgent adaptation of DIN EN 62423 (VDE 0664-40):2013-08; EN 62423:2012 in section 9.2.3 of a circulation paper. According to this, 3- and 4-pole residual current circuit breakers RCDs of type B must be able to detect and trip DC residual currents even if they are only fed on two phase poles.
This necessitates re-testing in order to ensure that the existing VDE mark approval certificate remains valid.
The affected mark approval holders will be informed..

VDE-certified sockets with shutter - a great choice for increased personal protection against electric shock

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In April 2020, we pointed out that the VDE certification mark for sockets with a shutter may not be used together with terms such as “childproof”, “child protection” or similar, as this could possibly be misleading. We decided to take this step after a tragic incident had occurred at a daycare center. However, since sockets with shutters undoubtedly offer significantly better protection for the end user than conventional sockets, we would like to clarify in what way such sockets with the VDE mark may continue to be characterized and advertised in our view.

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Important information about VDE marks approvals of sockets with shutters


The VDE Institute was informed by the market surveillance authorities that socket-outlets with shutters are often advertised as "childproof", with "child protection" or similar.

In the case of an accident in a day care center a child playing with a pipe cleaner used for handicraft purposes is said to have come into contact with live parts of a VDE-approved socket-outlet with a shutter. According to the operator of the day care center, this socket-outlet was explicitly chosen because of the advertised "child protection".

For this reason, we would like to point out that the VDE marks license for a socket-outlet with a shutter is in no way suitable as proof of "child protection" or similar.

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At the VDE Institute, the following components are tested and certified, among others

Testing and certifying components at the VDE Institute
  • Electronic meters/smart meters
  • Radio interference suppression parts
  • Appliance switches and appliance fuses
  • Installation material, installation switches, installation sockets
  • Condensers
  • Low-voltage switchgear devices
  • Optocouplers
  • Regulators and controllers
  • Relays
  • Protective devices, low-voltage fuse, circuit breaker, fault-current circuit breaker
  • Plug systems, connector system, connectors
  • Varistors

We test even more products. Feel free to talk to us.

National and international product approvals

In addition to issuing the VDE mark, the VDE Institute conducts a multitude of additional tests based on national and international standards and regulations and according to the International Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ). They pave the way to certification in nearly every country in the world. Furthermore, collaboration with on-site partners allows for quick and smooth access to the world market. At the same time, the VDE’s international certification process offers efficient processing for obtaining foreign test marks and certificates for your target export country.

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