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2021-05-25 Testing + Certification

International Service

To successfully introduce your product in a foreign market, country-specific requirements must be considered, and they may differ from country to country. We offer you our expertise for your success in your target export country!


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Worldwide testing and certification at the VDE Institute

VDE employees evaluate products based on country-specific requirements
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Our committed employees not only have years of experience in product certification, but they also have the language skills needed to make communication with the target country as optimum as possible.

The VDE Institute has proprietary, accredited test laboratories worldwide along with partner laboratories for local testing and approval of your products. Generally speaking, the VDE test report makes additional tests unnecessary and allows for conversion into a national certificate. Time and cost advantages due to combined factory inspections by VDE inspectors offer you an additional advantage.

As an authorized IECEE member, the VDE offers you the full service spectrum in the CB process and additional European certification processes (HAR, ENEC, etc.).

Our international service offering

The VDE Institute is your trustworthy partner
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  • Country-specific advising on mandatory certification and certification requirements
  • Researching worldwide market entry conditions for electrical products
  • Expertise and up-to-date information on target markets and possible changes in national provisions
  • Energy-efficiency certifications based on a VDE test report (e.g. for Saudi Arabia and Belarus)
  • Obtaining product approvals according to international certification processes and bilateral agreements (e.g. CCC, EAC, UL/CSA/MET/QPS)
  • Issuing and implementing CB certificates and CCA notices for obtaining national test marks (please contect customer service)
  • Certificate of conformity for CE symbol in Europe (please contact customer service)
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Worldwide certification processes

UL-/CSA-/MET- und QPS certifications for USA and Canada

This certification process according to North American standards for electrical products helps your market entry. Cooperation agreements with UL ensure that the VDE’s test results are recognized and allow for direct use in export businesses. Knowledgeable country experts and a country service in North America provide assistance.

CCC/CQC certifications for China

There is mandatory certification with CCC/CQC marks for a series of products. The existence of this mark facilitates export to China and increases consumer acceptance. The VDE can obtain Chinese certifications from the Chinese certification body by presenting CB documents with samples. In these cases, the factory inspection will be performed by VDE inspectors on behalf of the Chinese certification body. Knowledgeable country experts and an on-site country service provide assistance.

EAC certification for the Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia Customs Union

The Customs Union requires certification according to technical regulations and mandatory labelling with the EAC mark. Cooperation agreements ensure that the VDE’s test results are recognized and that conformity marks are issued, which allow for direct use in export businesses. Furthermore, the cooperation agreements allow the VDE Testing and Certification Institute to work out close coordination on factory inspections for tested products. Knowledgeable country experts and a country service provide assistance.

G-Mark certification for the Arab region

Since July 1, 2016 all manufacturers, importers, or distributors of low-voltage products, such as refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, hair dryers and toasters, are subject to the G-Mark labeling obligation for the gulf region. The VDE Institute is entitled to carry out examinations and certifications on the basis of the G-Mark procedure and to issue the G-Mark certificate as part of its accreditation (DAkkS). Click here to read more.

Worldwide certification for wireless products

Radio products are legally regulated products nearly all over the world. As such, certifications or registrations in many different countries in the world are a prerequisite for legally bringing products to market that use radio technology for communication.

In addition to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), such products need to comply with the applicable statutory requirements in the respective countries. In Europe, the RED sets the standard for this.

In many countries, products tested by the VDE according to RED can be accordingly certified using the existing test reports. Naturally, this also works with test reports from other third-party test laboratories, provided that they are accredited for it according to ISO 17025.
As such, local tests are only required for countries where the normative basis foundations differ from Europe or where the law requires testing to be performed in a laboratory that has been accredited by the responsible authorities in the target country.

Thanks to our international network, we are also your ideal partner for processing these country-specific, mandatory tests and the certifications based on them.
While doing so, we will take every opportunity to reduce costs in the interests of our customers.

Here you can find additional information about our EMC and radio Services.

Additional international certifications

For a series of countries, there is often mandatory certification according to country-specific standards. Cooperation agreements ensure the recognition of the test results of the VDE and the award of conformity marks, which are a prerequisite for export business to these countries. In many other countries, a voluntary national certification mark may provide direct benefits for the import and marketing of the products in the target country, because there is an increased level of trust among customers of the product in the certification marks known to them.  In these cases, factory inspections will be performed by VDE inspectors on behalf of the respective certification body. Our knowledgeable country experts can provide more information on services and prices.

Asia (China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, etc.)


Ching-Yun Wang

Phone: +49 69 8306-240

Africa (Nigeria, South Africa)

Australia/New Zealand

South America (Argentina,  Brazil, Chile, Colombia, etc.)
Middle East (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia), G-Mark

Christine Clark

Phone: +49 69 8306-592

North America (Canada, US, Mexico)


EU + EFTA-countries

Mathias Slabsche

Phone: +49 69 8306-557

Eastern Europe (Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan)

Iryna Schäfer

Phone: +49 69 8306-365

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