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Approval and market access for medical technology and software: practical advice and training
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Ein medizinischer Roboterarm im Operationssaal
CE Roadmap for Medical Devices
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Darstellung der Karte von Europa in digitalem Format
Approval of AI-based medical devices in Europe
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Tablet mit medizinischen Informationen
Cybersecurity risk management for medical devices
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Dr. Cord Schlötelburg
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Get your medical device to the market safely

The range of medical technology is enormous. Medical devices for surgery, operating theaters, endoscopy, dentistry, medical implants and laboratory diagnostic equipment are just a few examples.

Health is also digital. Medical information systems and apps, e-health, digital health applications and AI, wearables and medical robots are all part of healthcare.

It is crucial that all medical devices must function safely, reliably and performant and must comply with all legal requirements.

The development of new medical devices is challenging. Regulatory requirements make it difficult to access markets and must be met. We help you to get your medical device onto the market safely and quickly.

VDE Health Services

Annual Conference of the German Society for Biomedical Engineering

The international biomedical engineering community meets once a year at the Annual Conference of the German Society for Biomedical Engineering and discuss the most important topics from research and development in medical technology. Join!

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Hand eines Arztes mit modernem PC-Interface

Healthy & active through technology

Health and technology are closely intertwined, especially where technology is crucial to the success of prevention, diagnosis, therapy or rehabilitation. DKE Health develops safety and performance-related specifications for the protection of patients, staff and other affected persons.

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Regulatory Affairs + Market Access

VDE offers guidance on approval and market access for medical devices and software. Get your device to the EU market safely and quickly.

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Business IntelligenceKPIs

Medical technology

Specific safety requirements are placed on medical and laboratory technology products. With VDE tests and certificates, you can document the quality and conformity of your medical and laboratory equipment. The VDE Institute offers a range of different certifications and has the corresponding accreditations.

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Testing and certification of medical technology products by the VDE Institute