26.06.2019 Expertengruppe

GMM Fachgruppe 1.1.4 Testequipment und -verfahren

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Holmer

This group of experts was founded 2005 and has been organized within the GMM expert committee.

The scope of the group is to

  • provide a platform for discussion and exchange on semiconductor test with a strong focus on productive testing equipment and methods.
  • Discussion topics range from general requirements to test equipment from a production perspective, over special test and screening methods like burn-in-testing, to questions like “what factors are main drivers for cost effective testing”.

Join our platform ...

The group usually has two 1.5-day meetings per year, where the actual topics are reported and discussed. Between the regular group meetings focus topics are worked on in smaller working groups. The agenda of the group meetings is made up of an ongoing discussion to current focus topics as well as new topics proposed by group members. Guest speakers are invited to report on interesting aspects or to provide input and linkage from other expert groups (VDE GMM or ZVEI).

A very important part of the group meetings, which are held at the member locations, are line-tours, where the test floors of the members are visited. This always is a very inspiring exchange for all group members, a good feedback for the host company and a very good source for identification of possible new topics for the expert group.

The user group is lead and moderated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Holmer (OTH Regensburg) and Thomas Lehner (Elmos Semiconductor AG).

If you are interested to participate or if you need further information please feel free to contact Rainer Holmer.

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