The VDE FNN Executive Board has started its next term of office until the end of 2026 with a new line-up.

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2024-02-29 press release

Faster adaptation of rules for the energy transition – VDE FNN Board of Directors re-elected

The members of VDE FNN elected a new forum in 2023, which has now started its next term of office. The aim of the forum is to accelerate processes in the development of application rules. Dr. Joachim Kabs, Dr. Dirk Biermann and Ingo Schönberg were re-elected as VDE FNN Board members and will serve as VDE FNN Board members together with VDE CEO Ansgar Hinz.

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(Berlin/Frankfurt am Main, 29.02.2024) The newly elected VDE FNN Forum, which plays a key role in guiding the fortunes of VDE FNN, aims above all to accelerate system restructuring through regulation in its next term of office. This requires investment, but also new legal and administrative provisions. Heike Kerber, Managing Director of VDE FNN, says: "As a technical rule-maker, VDE FNN must continue to focus on the overall system and safe operation, while at the same time developing standardized nationwide solutions faster than before."

Secure system operation with 100 percent renewables 

VDE FNN's work has a major influence, for example, on the specific technical design of the smart metering system that allows consumers to participate in the energy transition. As the regulator for the electricity grids, VDE FNN uses application rules to determine the conditions under which generation and consumption systems such as photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and electric cars may be connected to the grid.

Forum decides on publication of VDE application rules 

The tried-and-tested method of all relevant specialist groups jointly developing the content of the application rules is to be retained. However, the rule-making process is to be optimized: All process steps will be reviewed to determine which can be shortened or eliminated. The broad specialist public is also to continue to be involved by consulting drafts of VDE application rules and incorporating the proposed changes into the specialist work.

Dr. Joachim Kabs from Bayernwerk re-elected as Chairman 

In its first meeting of the new term of office, the VDE FNN Forum also re-elected the VDE FNN Board yesterday. Chairman Dr. Joachim Kabs, Bayernwerk Netz GmbH, and his deputies Dr. Dirk Biermann, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, and Ingo Schönberg, PPC AG, were confirmed in their positions. Ansgar Hinz also continues to be a member of the VDE FNN Board as Chairman of the VDE Board. 

The approximately 490 member companies of the Forum Network Technology/Network Operation in the VDE (VDE FNN) elected their new "Forum" management body last fall. On January 1, 2024, the committee began its next term of office until the end of 2026 with new members. It is made up of experts from various specialist groups, such as trades, manufacturers, decentralized feeders and distribution and transmission system operators.

The specialist groups and their representatives: 

Manufacturers / Industry / Service providers 

  • Mathieu Diemert, Hager Electro GmbH & Co. KG 
  • Stefan Kilb, Schneider Electric GmbH 
  • Ingo Schönberg, Power Plus Communications AG (PPC AG) 

Distribution grid operators / grid service / integrated companies 

  • Dipl.-Ing. Elfried Dieling, EWE NETZ GmbH 
  • Stefan Häuserer, Thüga AG 
  • Dr. Joachim Kabs, Bayernwerk Netz GmbH 
  • Peter Michalek, Stadtwerke München Services GmbH 
  • Frank Schwermer, Avacon Netz GmbH 
  • Dr.-Ing. Bartholomäus Surmann, Netze BW GmbH

Transmission system operator 

  • Dr. Dirk Biermann, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH 


  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Engel, elenia 
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Westermann, Thuringian Energy Research Institute and Technische Universität Ilmenau

Decentralized feeders 

  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) René Eggemeyer, wibres Energietechnik GmbH 



VDE e.V. 

  • Ansgar Hinz

About VDE FNN 

The Network Technology and Operation Forum within VDE (VDE FNN) develops the electricity grids with foresight. The aim is to ensure reliable system operation at all times with 100 percent renewable energies. VDE FNN makes innovative technologies practicable and provides answers to the grid technology challenges of tomorrow. Here, various specialist groups with different interests work together on solutions. Its members are over 480 manufacturers, grid operators, suppliers, system operators, authorities, and scientific institutions. 

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