FNN-Roadmap: Vom Netz zum System
The Energy System in 2030
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VDE FNN Zielbild "Energiesystem 2030"
Towards a “climate protection grid” by 2030
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VDE application rules
Technical Connection Rules (TCR)
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The VDE Application Rules lay down the technical requirements for the connection and operation of energy storage in Germany
Compatible network connection for energy storage
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European Network Codes
European Network Codes
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VDE Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e. V.
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Network Technology/Network Operation Forum at VDE (VDE FNN)

Welcome to VDE FNN!

  • VDE FNN is the technical regulator for power grids in Germany.
  • The objective is a proactive development of the power grid in view of the challenges caused by the energy transition.
  • Manufacturers, network operators, generating plant operators and scientific institutions identify technical challenges and develop solutions jointly.

The power grids are the main infrastructure of the energy transition that link all stakeholders together. In a global comparison, Germany has one of the most reliable grids. Due to the energy transition, the tasks and grid architecture are undergoing fundamental changes. VDE FNN is the VDE committee that implements this transition through technical regulation. Members are companies working for the power grid. Important products are VDE-application rules, FNN guidelines, studies, and position papers.

For citizens

  • Ensures that the grids are operated safely and that as much renewable energy as possible can be fed in

 For network operators

  • Rule creation
  • Investment and planning safety

For manufacturers

  • Creates planning safety

For policy

  • In network conversion, supports through evaluating technical challenges
  • Lightens the burden by specifically implementing the energy transition objectives

For the authorities

  • Is partner in the technical design of the political regulatory framework

Become a VDE FNN member:

VDE FNN Membership Application

Year founded: 2008

Members: Over 470 companies and organizations:

  • Network operators
  • Manufacturers of network technology and power generating plants
  • Operators of conventional and renewable power generating plants
  • Metering point operators
  • Manufacturers of measuring instruments, measuring systems and software
  • Science
  • Authorities

Published VDE-application rules: 26

Published FNN guidelines: over 130

Voluntary employees in committees: Approx. 440

Last updated 05/2022

Forum Netztechnik/Netzbetrieb im VDE (FNN)
Bismarckstraße  33
10625 Berlin

Phone +49 30 3838 68-70
Fax +49 30 3838 68-77


Working areas

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