2021-05-04 Studies + Roadmaps


Here you will find all documents published by VDE FNN in English at a glance. Application Rules, guidelines and studies describe the state of the art and the future of power grids in the context of the energy transition.

Technial Connection Rules

VDE FNN defines the minimum requirements for technology and operation of power networks in application rules. All valid VDE-Application Rules at a glance.

FNN Guidelines

VDE FNN provides concrete help in guidelines for grid operators, plant operators, manufacturers and other professionals working on the power grid. These documents quickly classify innovative grid technologies. The overview shows all notes at a glance with links to info pages, webshop and free copies for VDE FNN members.


This table presents you with a wide range of VDE FNN studies that can support you in your professional activities.

Dielectric strength study10/2020VDE Shop

FNN Roadmap

For long-term secure grid operation with 80 percent renewable energies, the rules must be designed with foresight today.

FNN Roadmap

FNN Roadmap "From Network to System"11/2017PDF