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Technical Connection Rules for High-Voltage (VDE-AR-N 4120)

The "Technical Connection Rules for High-Voltage (VDE-AR-N 4120)" code of practice is part of the definition of the European Network Code for Germany.

The requirements in the new "Technical Connection Rules High Voltage" (VDE-AR-N 4120) as published 2015 in the TAB High Voltage are developed further to meet European standards. Concretely, the new Code of Practice develops the requirements of the European Network Codes "Requirements for Generators" on high voltage power generating plants. The requirements of the TAB High Voltage have been reviewed for their noncontradiction and completeness to this Network Code and adapted or supplemented if necessary.

Important changes relate to:

  • active power supply for over or under frequency
  • fault ride-through (FRT) capability of power system faults
  • capacity of providing controlling power
  • further developed verification processes

Power generating systems shall in future react faster at imbalance between load and generating plant (frequency changes). The damping effect exerted by the rotating masses (mainly in conventional power plants) in frequency deviations that are currently still existing in the grid will decrease in future. Therefore, the new TCR High Voltage demands a more rapid adaptation of the active power from all power generating plants.

Also the method of riding through grid faults that has been implemented in Germany for high voltage is an important capability of power generating plants to supporting the overall system. The requirements that already exist from them have been slightly modified based on the European specifications.

The verification process introduced into the TCR High Voltage (2015) was modified. Now, individual verification is also described aside from the plant certificate. Erectors and operators of power generating plants receive more flexibility by this change when selecting the verification procedure. Network operators also receive, moreover, safety by presenting evidence of compliance with the requirements.

The new Code of Practice is part of the VDE FNN activities to preparing the system toward increasing feed-in of renewable energy in line with energy transition.

Target Groups

  • Network operators
  • Generating plant operators
  • Plant construction companies
  • Components manufacturers

Benefit and Improvement

  • Configuration of the European Network Codes "Requirements for Generators" for high voltage
  • New requirements on the active-power output of power generating plants at over und under frequency
  • Technical requirements on providing controlling power
  • Further developed verification processes
  • Defines the requirements on storage as well as combined facility of generation/demand/storage (producers and consumers)


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