VDE|FNN konkretisiert die Anforderungen des Europäischen Network Codes RfG für Deutschland in VDE-Anwendungsregeln.
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Network Code Requirements for Generators (RfG)

The Network Code describes the grid connection requirements for generators at all voltage levels. It focuses on the cross-border electricity trade. The regulations include, for example, capabilities for frequency stabilization, provision of reactive power to the point of black start capacity of large installations.

  • Publication in EU Official Journal: April 28, 2016
  • In force: May 17, 2016
  • Implementation in national rules through VDE|FNN not later than May 17, 2018
  • Implementation by grid operators and manufacturers not later than April 28, 2019

VDE Code of Practice

DraftPeriod for objection

Final version

Connection to Extra High Voltage (E VDE-AR-N 4130)07/31/201710/01/2017(05/2018)open
Connection and Operation of Power Generating Plants to Low-Voltage Grid", (E VDE-AR-N 4105)06/23/201708/23/2017(05/2018)open
Connection and Operation of Customer Installations to Low-Voltage Grid", (E VDE-AR-N 4100)04/28/201706/28/2017(05/2018)open
Connection and Operation to High-Voltage Grid and their Operation",
(E VDE-AR-N 4120)
Connection and Operation to Medium-Voltage Grid",
(E VDE-AR-N 4110)

Backing the creation process

VDE|FNN has closely followed the Network Codes "Requirements for Generators" and submitted proposals for improvement regularly.

  • Classification in performance categories: Voltage-depending power classification in accordance with national regulations must be observed. 
  • The existing national classification by voltage levels is referred to both in the existing connection conditions and also in guidelines and eligibility conditions. 
  • Definition of clear areas of responsibility (e.g. provisions relating to the access of the TSO to NO in active power control)

Definitions need to be harmonized and explicitly demarcated:

  • e.g. power generating facility / power generating module / power park module 
  • Requirements in Germany refer to the grid connection point