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Are you working for a company that is a member of VDE FNN and would like to benefit from the advantages? Here you can apply for access to the exclusive FNN member area and receive FNN information.

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The Forum Network Technology/Network Operations in the VDE (FNN) provides its members with exclusive content on network technology and network operation.

Offers for FNN members

  • FNN notes and studies are available free of charge as a download or printed at a discount
  • Discount on all FNN events
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  • Member magazine FNN aktuell (digital, six times a year)

Involvement with FNN pays off

  • Active participation in the drafting of technical regulations
  • Early information about new developments and requirements
  • Election of the central body of FNN (Forum)
  • Direct exchange with experts of other interest groups and expert circles

FNN represents the interests of its members to the outside world with one vote. In this way, FNN represents positions coordinated across a variety of disciplines in processes such as legislative procedures and hearings.

Become a member

Legal entities such as companies, scientific institutions or public authorities can become members.

Every member has at least one vote. The promotion contribution is determined by the general assembly, the Association of Sponsors. The current contribution can be found in the application for admission.

The annual contribution for network operators is oriented towards the respective weighted network lengths. Manufacturers, service providers, scientific institutions, and public authorities pay a contribution based on the voting rights acquired. Companies that pay a higher annual contribution voluntarily receive additional voting rights. A sponsor can receive a maximum of 10 percent of the voting rights.

The members of the Association of Sponsors determine the budget annually and elect representatives of the various specialist circles into the FNN Forum. Membership at FNN is independent of any other membership in the VDE e.V.

Voting rights and contributions for network operators

2500 km of electric circuit length corresponds to 1 vote
Weighting of the electric circuit lengths:

  • LV: < 6 kV: Factor 1
  • MV: = 6 kV to = 60 kV: Factor 1.6
  • HV: > 60 kV to < 220 kV: Factor 5
  • EHV: ≥ 220 kV: Factor 8

Contribution calculation tool for network operators (XLS)