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In the event of problems logging onto the FNN site: or phone: +49 30 383868-70.

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Are you working for a company that is a member of VDE FNN and would like to benefit from the advantages? Here you can apply for access to the exclusive FNN member area and receive FNN information.

Benefits for VDE FNN members

  • Free or reduced FNN guidelines and studies
  • Reduced admission to VDE FNN events (mainly held in German), e.g

                o FNN Congress Network
                o ZMP Congress
                o TAC Forums
                o Info days on Technical Application Rules

  • Exclusive information and insights in our member magazine FNN aktuell and in the member area on our website
  • Election of representatives to your relevant industry or activity group in the Forum committee, thus helping shape the development of VDE FNN

FAQ about membership in VDE FNN

1. What are the benefits of a membership?

The benefits include:

  • Free or reduced FNN guidelines and studies
  • Discounted participation in VDE FNN events
  • Exclusive information in the members area on our VDE FNN website
  • VDE FNN member information and access to FNN aktuell magazine with exclusive information and insights

Commitment to VDE FNN pays off!

  • Become an active part in the development of technical regulations
  • Obtain exclusive information about new developments and requirements
  • Give your voice by electing the steering committee of VDE FNN (Forum)
  • Exchange ideas with experts from other interest groups and professional circles

VDE FNN unites the interests of its members and represents them to the outside world with one voice. In this way, VDE FNN brings together positions that are coordinated across the various specialist groups in processes such as legislative procedures or hearings.

2. How much is the membership fee?

The contribution is currently 2,000 Euro per voting right.

The number of voting rights depends on the weighted circuit length for the network of German grid operators. The grid operator receives one voting right per 2,500 km of weighted circuit length or part thereof. This does not affect international grid operators.

The following weighting factors apply:

  • Low voltage (< 6 kV) factor 1
  • Medium voltage (≥ 6 kV and ≤ 60 kV) factor 1.6
  • High voltage (> 60 kV to < 220 kV) factor 5
  • Maximum voltage (> 220 kV) factor 8

The VDE FNN contribution is independent of VDE membership fees and any other VDE contributions.

Contribution Calculation Tool for Network Operators (XLS) (in German)

Grid service companies do not pay any circuit length-dependent fees if their services are related to a grid operator who is also a member of FNN Supporters Circle.

Grid operators or grid service companies that voluntarily pay a higher annual fee receive additional voting rights.

The annual fee for non-electricity grid operators is based on acquired voting rights.

A member can acquire a maximum of 10 percent of the voting rights.

3. How do I notify a new address or a new contact person?

You are welcome to inform us of changes affecting your membership at any time by e-mail, post or telephone.

4. I do not know whether my company is a member of VDE FNN. How can I find out?

5. How do I gain access to the members area of the website?

You can request personal access data for the member area here as long as your company is a member of VDE FNN.

6. How do I register for the VDE FNN member area on the website?

After applying for access data for the member area you will receive an automatic notification from VDE Services with your user account details.

You will find the login area above, next to the search field on the left.

7. I have forgotten my password. Where can I reset it?

8. I already have an account for other VDE areas. Can I use this account to access content on VDE FNN website?

In general, you can log on to VDE with the same access details everywhere. However, to access the VDE FNN member area you must first fill a registration form. Apply for access here: Online form

9. How do I stay informed about current activities from VDE FNN?

Newsletter VDE FNN News (in German)

Register for the VDE FNN Newsletter at This newsletter regularly provides the latest highlights from VDE FNN.

Member magazine FNN aktuell (in German)

  • With FNN aktuell you will receive the latest developments around the VDE FNN activities several times a year
  • You can download FNN aktuell in the member area
  • Would you like to receive the latest issue to your e-mail address? Use this online form

10. How do I get discounted publications? What is the VDE Shop?

The price for FNN Members is automatically displayed after registration on our VDE Shop. VDE FNN members receive the documents from VDE FNN free of charge; in some cases a contribution towards expenses is required (Exception: VDE Application Rules).

For technical questions about the VDE Shop, please contact

The application rules are available on the VDE Publisher website.

You can use your FNN access details for the member area for the VDE Shop to benefit from discount to our publications. If you are a VDE FNN member and do not yet have an account for the members area: please apply for them before using the VDE Shop. Otherwise it will not be possible to verify your VDE FNN membership.

For technical questions about the store please contact

11. I participate in VDE FNN committees that use Teamsites. How can I log in to the Teamsite?

The use of Teamsites is decided by the committee. The members of the committee gain access to the corresponding Teamsite. Information about the activation process and the access details is sent automatically by e-mail.

If you already have a VDE FNN or VDE access account, please use your account details to log in on a Teamsite.

However, only the username that was sent to you by automated e-mail is functional as a login name. A registration with your e-mail address is not possible.

For more information on how to use Teamsites, please refer to the help pages (in German).

12. How do I find out about new working groups in FNN?

Members can find out about new working groups through calls for participation announced in the VDE FNN members magazine, FNN aktuell. You can find our contact details in the relevant article to let us know about your interest to be part of the working group.

We look forward to your participation!

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