VDE|FNN definiert technische Anschlussregeln für HGÜ-Systeme und über HGÜ-Systeme angeschlossene Erzeugungsanlagen
2019-03-01 application rule

Technical Connection Rule for the connection of HVDC systems and generation plants connected via HVDC systems

Technical Connection Rule (TCR) VDE-AR-N 4131 creates a basis for low-loss integration of offshore wind energy into the power grid

The new FNN Guideline "Grid forming behaviour of HVDC systems and DC-connected PPMs" is available in the VDE Shop. You can find the link to the German and English versions, as well as more information on our "Downloads + Links" section on the right hand side.

In a nutshell, the TCR:

  • provides a basis for safe application of HVDC technology.
  • describes the contribution of HVDC to ancillary services
  • implements the current European requirements for Germany

With the Application Rule "Technical rules for the connection of HVDC systems and generation systems connected via HVDC systems" (VDE-AR-N 4131), the Forum for Network Operation and Technology (FNN) defines standardised requirements for HVDC for the first time. This publication lays the foundation for a safe application of HVDC in the existing system, e.g. for the large-scale transport of electricity from offshore wind turbines in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. With the new requirements, VDE FNN implements the European requirements for Germany.

High-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission is becoming increasingly important with the growing deployment of offshore and onshore wind farms. In contrast to three-phase current technology, large-scale transmission with direct current technology causes fewer electrical losses. The challenge ahead is the integration of this new transmission technology into the existing three-phase grid effectively.

HVDC is particularly attractive for the transmission of wind energy from northern Germany to the load centres in the south. In addition to lower losses, HVDC systems can also contribute to grid stabilisation. Up to now, conventional large-scale power plants have formed the backbone of the power supply and have provided guaranteed capacity as well as important ancillary services. With the energy transition, large-scale power plants are increasingly being replaced by renewable energy plants. This also means a replacement in the necessary services for the system, traditionally provided by conventional power generation.

Important information for the following stakeholders:

  • Network operators
  • Operators of offshore wind farms
  • Wind turbine manufacturers
  • Component manufacturers

Scope of application

The publication of the TCR "Technical rules for the connection of HVDC systems and generation systems connected via HVDC systems" (VDE-AR-N 4131) is part of the activities from VDE FNN to support and implement the energy transition in Germany. The focus is on supporting the integration of renewables into the grid while ensuring a secure system operation.

Publication date
Christine Kaufmann