VDE|FNN hilft Stromnetzbetreibern mit Anwendungsregel "Kaskade" (VDE-AR-N 4140) bei kritischen Netzsituationen.

Collaboration of network operators during critical grid states (VDE-AR-N 4140)

The VDE-Application Rule VDE-AR-N 4140 standardizes the collaboration of network operators in critical grid situations.

In a nutshell

  • The Application Rule standardizes the collaboration between up-and down-stream network operators in critical grid situations
  • A functioning operational and informational cascade is prerequisite for reliable system operation

During critical grid situations and according to the Energy Industry Act (EnWG), network operators can request supportive measures from downstream network operators within the scope of a “cascade”. The safe and reliable functioning of this cascade is a fundamental prerequisite for maintaining a reliable system operation.

Consequently, the "Cascading Measures for the System Safety of Power Grids" (VDE-AR-N 4140) Application Rule lays down important foundations. The VDE.Application Rule describes the collaboration of network operators if system safety is at risk or disrupted. The goal of the Application Rule is to optimize the operational and informational cascade which must be triggered in critical grid situations across all network levels.

The document describes in detail the collaboration between network operators, technical solutions to implement the cascade, the information exchange between network operators as well as maximum response times from those involved in the cascade. In addition, it includes specifications for communication, documentation and monitoring as well as standardized forms to facilitate the communication.

Target groups

  • Network operators: detailed series of actions are specified for different scenarios. This helps network operators to better prepare for critical grid situations and to have the ability to react faster when necessary.

Benefit and Improvement

Adaptive measures in critical network and system situations have been so far regulated in Germany in the Transmission Code 2007 (TC). The VDE-Application Rule replaces the corresponding TC section. It concretizes the "Best Practice Guide for Supportive Measures of Network Operators" which was prepared by BDEW and VKU in 2012. This detailed definition of actions to be taken by network operators during critical grid conditions serves as a valuable contribution to the reliability of the German power supply.