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2024-03-25 press release

Safe and precise diagnosis and therapy decisions in healthcare using AI voice app

VDE and the state of Hesse drive forward development and testing tools for AI in healthcare: for the first time the AI Quality & Testing Hub validates medical device based on a large language model. An AI voice app to provide doctors and healthcare professionals with validated medical information.

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(Frankfurt a. M., 25.03.2024) The integration and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare opens up many opportunities to improve diagnosis, treatment and research. One major innovation is the use of so-called large language models (LLMs) in healthcare. With the help of these tools, it is possible to search and communicate in huge databases by voice. Hesse's AI Quality & Testing Hub (AIQ), founded by the state of Hesse and the VDE, has provided corresponding development and testing tools as a technology partner and is currently validating a medical device based on an LLM for the first time as part of the approval process. Prof. Valmed's product will be the first voice app to provide doctors and healthcare professionals with validated medical information via an LLM. The innovative platform aims to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals can access verified medical data with the goal of improving diagnosis and therapy, saving time and contributing to the digitalization of the healthcare industry. 

"Artificial intelligence is one of the dominant technologies of our time. Especially when it comes to AI applications in the healthcare sector, innovation and safety must go hand in hand. The VDE is working with its experts to pave the way for the trustworthy and compliant use of AI systems in medicine and to create transparent markets," emphasizes Dr. Beate Mand, Deputy Chairwoman of the VDE Executive Board.

Hesse's Digital Minister Prof. Dr. Kristina Sinemus: "The use of AI in healthcare enables innovation and a noticeable improvement in quality. With our first AI Quality & Testing Hub in Germany, we are promoting the quality of AI systems so that users gain confidence in AI applications. 'AI made in Hessen' should become a trademark of our state that stands for innovation, responsibility and the future." 

Dr. Michael Rammensee, Managing Director of AIQ: "The example of this app shows that the quality of AI-based applications can only be ensured from the very beginning of the development process. This tool for facilitating therapy will be a milestone in the use of safe AI far beyond the medical field. We are proud to be able to contribute to its success with our knowledge."

Dr. Vera Rödel, CEO Prof. Valmed: "The cooperation with AIQ strengthens our position as a 'first mover' in the field of access to validated medical information with the help of AI. The cooperation with AIQ is a decisive factor for the quality of our tool, with which we are shaping the future of medical AI in the healthcare sector. We are proud to work together to revolutionize the care of patients with diseases, improve medical research, therapy and diagnostic decisions and thus help shape the everyday work of the future." 

Artificial intelligence supports the organization and processing of information

Especially when multimodal diagnostics and personalized therapy concepts come together in fields with a lot of medical and therapeutic innovation, AI helps to organize and sort the diverse information. One of AI's strengths is the recognition of pathological patterns that can be used to detect diseases earlier or more precisely. AI can also help to create personalized treatment plans. The medical AI application from the Hesse-based start-up Prof. Valmed GmbH provides validated, neutral medical information and processes it with the help of AI. This is done on the basis of a data architecture that is transparent to the user, in natural language and with the use of modern chatbots that make use of large language models. 
"The innovative use of AI is becoming particularly important against the backdrop of the current overload in the healthcare system. In this area in particular, making therapy and diagnosis decisions easier contributes to better and faster care for individual patients. Hesse is one of the strongest locations for the healthcare industry in Germany. Research and innovation are the cornerstone of this," concludes Sinemus.

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