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2020-04-22 press release

Cybersecurity: CERT@VDE named "CVE Numbering Authority" (CNA)

The admission process is successfully completed: The CVE Program admits CERT@VDE to the CVE - Community. CERT@VDE now assigns CVE-IDs for vulnerabilities in products of automation industry manufacturers and enables process optimization in vulnerability management.

Press Officer

The experts of CERT@VDE have successfully passed the recognition process as "CVE Numbering Authority" (CNA) of the globally recognized Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) program. They are now authorized to assign CVE numbers for vulnerabilities in the products of the CERT@VDE partners, as well as the automation industry, and to integrate them into the publicly accessible CVE-registry. “The CVE Program is happy to have the expertise of the CERT@VDE contributing to the global vulnerability identification efforts. As an authorized CNA, CERT@VDE is adding value to the global cybersecurity community’s battle against cyber criminals”, comments Kent Landfield, McAfee and CVE Board Member

Fast identification of vulnerabilities

The CVE vulnerability naming convention is an international de facto standard. It requires a unique CVE number for each cyber security gap to ensure that it is uniquely specified. By naming them CNAs, the experts at CERT@VDE are supporting the global good by identifying vulnerabilities and assigning CVE-ids, while helping their partners in eliminate vulnerabilities so that cybercriminals cannot attack them. "Nothing is more fatal than the multiple designation of one and the same cybersecurity problem. We cooperate with experts - hackers and researchers - around the globe and would thus waste valuable time in exchanging information", comment Andreas Harner, Jochen Becker and Christian Link from CERT@VDE.

Protection against hacker attacks: Process optimization in vulnerability m management

Cybersecurity experts all over the world agree: weaknesses and security gaps in software products have a wide variety of causes and will therefore never completely disappear. A uniform naming convention for security vulnerabilities is therefore essential if the growing number of vulnerabilities is to be controlled in the future. For this reason, the MITRE Corporation manages CVE numbers in cooperation with more than 100 CNA partners worldwide. "And CERT@VDE is now part of this community," says Andreas Harner, head of CERT@VDE, happily, adding: "We are seeing an exponential increase in the number of discovered vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to attack German companies.” The recognition as CNA is an important step to achieve even greater added value in vulnerability management for CERT@VDE members through process optimization. "CVE illustrates how important standardization in the CERT area and in the fight against cybercriminals already is today", explains Michael Teigeler, Managing Director of VDE|DKE