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2023-11-30 press release

Security for smart home apps: New cooperation in the area of cyber security and data protection

The VDE Institute and cyber security start-up Queryella are now working together to test apps. The collaboration will allow the latest scientific findings to be incorporated into the certification of apps that are used to control smart home systems, among other things. With the help of artificial intelligence, the quality of data protection and cyber security measures can be checked more quickly.

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(Frankfurt a. M., 30.11.2023) The VDE Testing and Certification Institute and the Hessian start-up Queryella are cooperating in the testing of mobile apps, particularly in the smart home sector. The VDE's analyses are supplemented by tests on data protection, library recognition and code analysis, among other things. Smart home applications make consumers' lives easier in many ways, but they also offer new opportunities for attacks. Sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands or there is a risk of hacker attacks. Certification by the VDE can ensure that apps used to control smart home systems are secure or comply with legal data protection regulations. This provides manufacturers with independent confirmation of the quality of their products.

The latest scientific findings in the analysis of apps

With the support of Queryella, the VDE Institute can now check the apps more quickly and, in some cases, automatically with the help of artificial intelligence. The collaboration began back when Queryella was still a research and development project at TU Darmstadt. At that time, experts from the VDE Institute became aware of the project's analysis method. After several trial rounds and reports, it was clear that the GmbH that had now emerged from the project would support the VDE Institute.

"This gives us unique access to the latest scientific findings in the field of app analysis," says Alexander Matheus, Senior Expert in the Smart Home Test Lab at the VDE Institute. "This is also important, because the development of malware does not stand still. Keeping up to date here is a major challenge."

"New loopholes can be hidden in every new app, making it possible to circumvent data protection. In addition, apps now consist of many different components that can contain security vulnerabilities. At Queryella, we specialize in finding these hidden problems," says Dr. Leonid Glanz, CEO at Queryella. "We are delighted to be able to support the VDE Institute with our expertise."

The VDE experts took a close look at the processes used by Queryella. While various apps were analyzed, the procedure was examined in detail. Another important requirement was that the reports in which the test protocols and test results are published should also be understandable for non-technicians.

About Queryella

Founded in April 2023, Queryella GmbH is a cybersecurity startup with scientific roots at the Technical University of Darmstadt. The company specializes in security analyses, including mobile apps, and offers companies in-depth insights into the security and data protection of their applications. With a holistic approach, innovative solutions and a strong connection to research, Queryella is committed to digital security and strengthening trust in modern applications.

The process is very simple: companies upload their software to the Queryella platform and then receive easy-to-understand results.

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