Group photo at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding.

Tailwind for future technologies: Together, the VDE and KTL want to drive forward the international certification of industrial AI and the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

2024-04-25 press release

AI in industry: VDE and KTL pave the way for international certification

The VDE and the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) plan to develop an international certification system for industrial AI and charging stations for electric vehicles. The Certifications are intended to facilitate international market access and reduce time and costs for companies. In April, VDE and KTL signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

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Representatives of VDE and KTL sign a Memorandum of Understanding.

Happy about the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding: (from left) Se-jong Kim (KTL), Seungchul Oh (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Korea) and Sven Öhrke (VDE).


(Berlin/Frankfurt a. M., 25.04.2024) Shortening development times, saving resources, increasing competitiveness: the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in industry is huge. This is why more and more AI applications are finding their way into everyday industrial life. But how can we ensure that the AI technologies of tomorrow are safe, reliable and globally recognized? An international certification system for industrial AI should provide a remedy. The VDE and the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) are now working together on this. The starting signal was given in April with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in Berlin. In addition to AI, the partners have another current topic in mind: There is also to be a multinational certification concept for the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Global reach and impact

Due to the increasing global reliance on AI technologies and the growing prevalence of electric vehicles, the partners from Europe and Asia want to set new standards in the technical certification industry. "With industries around the world integrating AI at a rapid pace, the need for standardized, reliable certification frameworks is greater than ever," emphasizes Sven Öhrke, Managing Director of VDE Global Services

Together, they plan to develop a system that will allow the results of performance tests to be recognized worldwide. In this way, they want to ensure that industrial AI systems that are used across national borders meet the highest standards for safety and reliability. 
In addition, the certifications should be in line with global regulatory changes such as the AI Act of the European Union and the AI Safety Institute Consortium of the United States.

The aim of the project is not only to increase the scope and effectiveness of the certifications, but also to minimize the risks associated with AI technologies, enable innovation and strengthen consumer and investor confidence in these products. 

Driving forward technology standards

International certification would simplify the process for companies seeking global market access. For them, it would mean less time and expense. In this way, the VDE and KTL aim to pave the way for customers to successfully expand internationally and drive global standards. In addition, they intend to exchange technologies and expertise that will enhance the skills and capabilities of professionals in both Germany and Korea.

AI certification from Germany

The AI Quality & Testing Hub (AIQ), which was founded by the VDE and the state of Hesse, is already doing pioneering work in the market for the certification of AI systems. It evaluates AI systems throughout their entire life cycle so that companies can measure and improve their quality.

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