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2022-05-10 project

Overview and advantages

In a rapidly changing environment, standards offer security and orientation. A VDE Corporate Standard (CS) is the first step towards a neutral seal of quality.  

Dr. Stefan Heusinger

Reliable supply chains, protection against extreme weather events, compliance with social standards. In a globalized and networked economy, companies no longer focus solely on financial goals. It is also about minimizing risks for the business.

Internationally applicable standards provide security and orientation and are continuously adapted to the state of the art. However, due to the high quality requirements and the applicable criteria of the World Trade Organization (WTO), it takes up to 30 months for a standard to be drawn up. Standards can therefore often not keep up with the dynamics of the market. In particular, new fields of technology such as artificial intelligence, blockchain or renewable energies are developing rapidly, and product cycles are becoming shorter and shorter.  

Tailor-made solutions 

The VDE Corporate Standard offers solutions that are directly tailored to customers. The optimal product is developed together. In this way, factory standards can be created that meet the company's own specifications and requirements, which may go beyond norms and standards and can be much more detailed.

The VDE and its publications enjoy a high reputation worldwide for quality and safety requirements. The VDE knowledge offers the possibility of verifying criteria neutrally and at the same time according to the current requirements in laws, norms and standards. Thus, a VDE CS is a first step towards the development of a seal of quality. 

Increasing trust

In addition to a pioneering role in the market, there are numerous advantages for companies: Safety risks are minimized, the endurance of technical equipment and production lines increases, and reliability throughout the entire supply chain is optimized. Last but not least, this strengthens the confidence of the finance and insurance industry and facilitates access to financing and investments. Customers also gain access to the VDE's unique and independent network of experts. 

Make your expertise the gold standard with the new VDE SPEC

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In an age of rapid advances in technology, we have created VDE SPEC, a tool that can be used to get innovations in electrical engineering and information technology onto the market swiftly. VDE can use it to ensure high-quality outcomes by supervising processes, managing projects, offering its expertise in standardization and calling upon its network of experts.

Sprinting towards market standard status. VDE SPEC: giving your innovative project the edge over the competition

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