1. Startschuss: Die Initiierung

Propose a VDE SPEC

Here you can find all information about benefits of VDE SPEC.

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Dr. Stefan Heusinger
  • Let's say you have devised a concept for solving a problem relating to an innovation in electrical engineering and information technology and you want to get it on the market as soon as possible.
  • We will discuss it with you and then develop and publish what you propose as a VDE SPEC.
  • We will give you access to experts and provide visibility to your customers and business partners.
  • We will work with you to lay the groundwork and take the first step in the process towards future standardization, including internationally.
  • It's all quick and easy, supported from start to finish by experts from VDE and DKE.

What you gain from VDE SPEC

Process supervision and project management

for the development of VDE SPEC publication and potential adoption as a standard

Quality assurance and consulting
from the experts at VDE and DKE, including in relation to existing standards

Access to VDE's network of experts
to discuss and peer-review your proposal

Publication in VDE media
online, offline and available to download free of charge

Use of the VDE SPEC label of expertise 
on your publication