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Frequently asked questions about VDE SPEC

You will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about VDE SPEC here.


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Dr. Stefan Heusinger

01. Who can propose a VDE SPEC?

As with standards, anyone can propose a VDE SPEC. All that is required for an idea to be implemented as a VDE SPEC is that at least three independent partners be involved in the project.

02. Whom can I contact to create a VDE SPEC?

Your representative at VDE is Dr Stefan Heusinger – see contact details. You can also submit your proposal using the contact form or send an e-mail to spec@vde.com.

03. How long does it take to create a VDE SPEC?

Depending on how much preparation has already gone into your proposal for standardization, a VDE SPEC can be drawn up in as little as ten days. On average, it takes around two to three months to develop a VDE SPEC.

04. Which topics can a VDE SPEC cover?

A VDE SPEC can address non-technical subjects as well, such as those relating to trade policy and sociopolitical matters, statistics or source code. However, the VDE compliance rules must be adhered to in all cases.

05. Who can comment on a VDE SPEC?

The same applies here as to standards in that anyone may comment on a VDE SPEC.

06. Which services will VDE provide in the creation of a VDE SPEC?

VDE will take on all project management required in the creation of a VDE SPEC, as follows:

  • Organizing in-person or virtual meetings
  • Sending out invitations
  • Preparing and following up on meetings
  • Documenting the results
  • Finalising the VDE SPEC.

VDE will also provide the necessary infrastructure.

07. What are the benefits to companies of creating a VDE SPEC?

VDE SPECs can be used to standardize new technical and scientific fields rapidly. If there are no consensus standards in place yet, a VDE SPEC will provide a competitive advantage for products and services because it will allow them to be made available on the market more quickly.

08. What are the benefits to start-ups of creating a VDE SPEC?

Start-ups in particular can gain a lot in terms of visibility and attention, as innovations can be presented to a wide audience in the tech community within a short space of time.

09. How much does it cost to create a VDE SPEC?

The process of creating a VDE SPEC is financed in advanced by one or more of the initiators. How much it costs depends on various parameters, such as the number of meetings required, the size of the project group or the anticipated scope of the VDE SPEC.

10. How much does it cost to use a published VDE SPEC?

As a matter of principle, it is free to download and use a VDE SPEC. The goal is to bring innovative ideas to market quickly and address a wide range of potential users.

11. Where will a finished VDE SPEC be published?

All VDE SPECs are published on the VDE website at www.vde.com/spec and can be downloaded from there free of charge.

12. In which languages can a VDE SPEC be published?

As a general rule, VDE SPECs are sufficiently flexible to allow any language or combination of languages if published bilingually.

13. Can a VDE SPEC also be created and published in cooperation with other associations?

Yes, it is possible to collaborate with other associations on developing a VDE SPEC. In such cases, your VDE SPEC can apply to multiple parties and/or feature multiple logos.