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2022-09-30 short info

Amendment of our General Terms and Conditions

A new version of PM 045 will come into force on October 1, 2022. The most important change concerns the VDE registration mark.

Dr.-Ing. Klaus Kreß

Previously, the registration mark was always assigned with a register number under which the corresponding mark approval certificate could be found in the VDE certification register. In the new version of the registration mark, the register number is now omitted and replaced by the general suffix "registered".

There are no changes to the requirements for awarding the mark. However, handling will be easier for mark approval holders, since the mark can now be downloaded from the VDE Mark Media Library and there is no need to create an original image with the corresponding register number. In the certification register, the mark approval certificates are now listed under the certificate number. In addition, they can be found by manufacturer name or product category.

The VDE Reg mark for cables, wires, cable management systems and heat shrink products is not affected by the change. Here, for reasons of type identification, the four-digit register number remains as part of the mark.

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