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2020-02-24 Testing + Certification

Usability Tests at the VDE Institute

The test is based on a rating system and on the experience of the VDE experts, taking into account relevant guidelines, laws and standards, as well as definitions of consumer organizations where appropriate.

Sven Öhrke

Our range of services

Usability test of small devices

We offer you following usability tests: 

  • Assessment of handling and ergonomics
  • Assessment of functionality and performance
  • Measurement of energy efficiency and noise emissions
  • Assessment of product ecology
  • Sensory tests
  • Assessment of information for users (operating instructions)
  • Comparative tests of goods
  • Usability tests
  • Ergonomics tests
  • Reliability tests

We offer you the above-mentioned services as a complete or partial test during product development or to verify your own test results.


Your benefits

VDE-tested entertainment technology offers security
Jochen Sand / Photodisc
  • Accentuation of specific product properties
  • Positive image for the product
  • Advance of product identification
  • Consolidation of customer retention
  • Unique feature of the product opposite to the competition
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VDE Quality Tested: secure and usable

VDE Quality Tested mark

With the brand "VDE Quality Tested", you are safe as manufacturer or responsible in the trade. The high competence of VDE in the field of safety is the solid foundation for the combination with the assessment of usability.

With our proven quality of testing, we cover all essential aspects of the assessment:

The specialty of The ID Number

With the help of the ID Number assigned to the relevant product you can learn more about additional aspects of the product characteristics that have been tested.

This offers two major advantages:

  • Helping the consumer when deciding which product to buy
  • Improved transparency when deciding which product to buy

Access to the relevant product data sheet can be found at

Enter the number and you will be provided with information you seek.
Try it out by entering the ID Number 49000000 in the search box of the relevant web page.

The mark: VDE Quality Tested

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