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2019-05-29 Testing + Certification

VDE Global Services Hong Kong

VDE Global Services Hong Kong offers a full range of technical know-how in high level of German requirement and expectation with unmatchable expertise in standards, testing and certification. The Hong Kong operation offers specialized services in testing, project and key account management for key client and retail sectors as well as Supply Chain Services.


Mrs. Winnie Wong

Supply Chain Services

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With our experienced project management teams, we offer one-stop solutions to retailers and buyers in supply chain services. From factory audits, through product tests for conformity, pre-shipment inspections, and Quality mark approvals as well as product safety, reliability and quality test for variety of products. All these services are provided by us from a single source. Below we explain the process and how we support you. Please also click here for further information.

1. Purchasing support

  • Supplier analysis
  • Support and creation of specifications and Q-requirements
  • Support for our customer’s purchasing team by Chinese speaking VDE technicians

2. Factory audit

  • Benchmark audit to find the best supplier
  • Checking if the factory is able to produce the required quantity and quality
  • Checking if company licenses and product certificates are available

3. Function test and reliability

  • Usability test
  • Performance, function and product design test
  • Reliability and lifetime test

4. Legal requirements

  • Checking if the product certificates are still valid and correct
  • Checking if a confirmation test is necessary
  • Testing according to standards required by customers

5. In process control

  • Definition of a Golden Sample or Limit Sample
  • Analysis of production, process or quality problems
  • Control of QA-System and Q-Data

6. Pre-shipment inspection

  • Pre-shipment inspection according to AQL standard
  • Container loading supervision
  • Field defect analysis

Our location

VDE Global Services HK Limited
Unit 616, 6/F, East Wing
No. 10, Science Park West Avenue
Hong Kong Science Park
Shatin N.T., Hong Kong

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