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2020-02-24 Testing + Certification

Consumer Electronics – Testing and Certification at the VDE Institute

Consumer electronics characterize our day-to-day life like never before. Flat-screen TVs, game consoles or multi-room systems have become an indispensable part of our living rooms. To ensure that the focus in a home theater is on entertainment, and not on the issue of safety and reliability, the experts at the VDE Institute test and certify consumer electronics devices. Our tests include all important aspects related to safety, sustainability and user-friendliness.

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Safe home entertainment thanks to VDE certification

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Nowadays, safety means more than just protection from an electric shock or a short circuit that can set fire to the entire house. Since consumer electronics devices are becoming increasingly connected and information is not only exchanged among each other but also with external service providers, information security plays a major role. Not only are the devices themselves tested but also expanded services such as apps, cloud services, and the server centers of service providers.

At the VDE Institute, our experts test all aspects of current safety requirements, from electrical safety to the protection of transferred data – from standards advising to testing during the development process and even an assessment of the final product.

VDE tests for long-lasting film enjoyment

Energy efficiency and sustainability are important topics in consumer electronics. The European Commission has enacted directives that are intended to limit power consumption, particularly for televisions and for electronic devices with standby functionality in general. The energy efficiency label (EU energy label) for televisions is intended to help consumers compare the various models on the market and identify devices that consume as little as possible.

At the VDE Institute, we measure energy efficiency and test the devices for compliance with legal regulations on power consumption, the use of low-emission materials, and recyclability. Furthermore, the documentation of our tests can help manufacturers acquire additional international environmental labels.

Usability tests

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Developers have put a lot of thought into the usability and design of devices for unlimited film, music and gaming enjoyment. Our experts also offer their specialized knowledge at the VDE Institute to give users the best and, at the same time, ensure safe use. Our usability tests include, e.g. ergonomics, noise emission, reliability and even comprehensibility of the instruction manual.

The tests are always in line with current trends in user behavior, such as gesture and voice control. Tested product characteristics are displayed on a special label and can be viewed online on a product datasheet by any interested party.

Even particularly prominent performance characteristics can be tested and awarded with a special certificate. This includes, for instance, an exceptionally long lifetime or outstanding image and sound quality.

VDE certifications make it easy to enter markets

VDE marks are an important purchasing factor for consumers. They represent safe and trustworthy products. Our characteristic certificates have a high level of credibility among customers.

With its international service, the VDE Institute furthermore helps manufacturers open up markets around the world. VDE certifications are recognized by many market supervision authorities. When a product has been tested and certified once by the VDE Institute, there is often no need to undergo the tests required in other countries in order to put the products into circulation there.

International support begins as early as with the supply chain for the components. Our inspectors help manufacturers and importers select suppliers, and they perform supervision during production and during pre-shipment inspections.

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