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Consumer Electronics

Manufacturers can be sure: Safety is the sound in the ears of retailers and consumers. In addition, we also test the quality.

It was a long way, technologically, from the first detector receivers to the modern digital appliances for sound, moving pictures and network communication. Concerning the development progress consumer electronics is by far the sector with the shortest innovation cycles.


Christian Lütkemeier

Inspection of Products

In order to keep-up with the pace the VDE Institute uses experts for consumer electronics who supply their extensive know-how along the complete process chain to the safety and quality of the products: beginning with standards consultation via the testing during the development phase to the assessment of the final product.

In addition the consumer electronics sector profits from the supplementary VDE services such as usability testing with a separate quality label, consumer tests, international product approval and inspections, which are crucial for the marketability of your product.

We test and certificate following products:

  • Television systems
  • DVD players
  • Camcorder
  • Hi-fi components
  • CD players
  • Car sound systems
  • Video games
  • Satellite reception Systems
  • Power supply Units
  • Transformers
  • Switch-mode power supply units


Consumer Electronics Guide

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