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2020-02-24 Testing + Certification

Power Tools – Testing and Certification at the VDE Institute

Power tools let both do-it-yourselfers and professionals work effortlessly and efficiently, but this product group in particular requires high safety standards. This is because the risk of injury is exceptionally high if the safety requirements are not implemented or inadequately implemented.

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The neutral VDE Institute knows the requirements that are set for power tools. Safety and usability tests provide information on whether do-it-yourselfers and professionals can rely on the power tool.

We are your partner for power tool tests

Power tools must be safe, usable and electromagnetically compatible. Companies that produce tools worldwide must overcome considerable challenges in the global value chain. Particularly, rising pressure on pricing increases the risk of dubious manufacturers using poor-quality and often dangerous materials.

Your tools can only succeed on the market if you meet the requirements of handicraft and do-it-yourselfers. We help you fulfill all the necessary guidelines and laws and meet normative requirements. Furthermore, our experts test your products for customer-specific usability requirements.

Battery operation

Lithium-ion batteries have made wireless tools smaller, lighter, more durable and thus, versatile. To ensure battery operation for screwdrivers, etc. as well, comprehensive special tests are performed with state-of-the-art testing technology at the VDE Institute.


To ensure that users truly find it facilitating to work with power tools, the device must be accordingly usable. To receive the “VDE Quality Tested” label, the testers at the VDE Institute determine the following, among other things:

  • Functionality
  • Handling and ergonomics
  • Workmanship quality
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Corrosion behavior


To ensure safe use, VDE experts test motors that are integrated in power tools according to normative requirements. In addition, there are quality characteristics such as longevity, energy efficiency, and special manufacturer requirements. Tests can be tailored both to the purpose in a specific device and to a motor’s universal use.

Vibrations and noises

Vibrations and noises are among the negative side effects that can occur when using power tools. Reducing them as much as possible without deteriorating the power tool’s performance or manageability is part of the manufacturer’s specification sheet. With an accuracy class 1 acoustic hall and modern measurement technology for assessing hand-arm oscillations, the VDE Institute is best-equipped to provide reliable measurement data for developing and building products that are suitable for the application.

Product range

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The VDE Institute offers comprehensive services for the following power tools (handheld and transportable):

  • Angle grinders
  • Belt grinders
  • Circular saws
  • Cordless screwdrivers
  • Drills and hammer drills
  • JigsawsMilling machines
  • Slicers
  • Any power tools that are used for garden and lawn care, e.g. chainsaws and much more...
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Our service offering

  • Chemical analyses, e.g. RoHS and PAK
  • EC type examination for machines according to Annex IV of the Machinery Directive
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Functional safety
  • Inspections, e.g. conformity tests
  • Mechanical and electric safety tests according to the Machine Directive, Device and Product Safety Act, VDE, DIN, EN, IEC, ISO, CSA
  • Motor tests
  • Noise emission according to the Machinery Directive and Outdoor Directive
  • Risk analyses according to requirements of the Machinery Directive 
  • Safety tests for lithium-ion batteries according to DIN EN 62133, according to UL 2054 and UN transport requirements, cross-validation of goods and consumer tests
  • Supply chain services, e.g. pre-shipment inspections
  • Testing accumulators for safety and performance
  • Usability 
  • Vibration, hand-arm oscillations

Our Certification

VDE Mark on a product
  • VDE, VDE-GS, VDE-ENEC, VDE-EMV, VDE Quality Tested, VDE special certificates for special product characteristics
  • CB certificates, CCC, EAC
  • EU Certificates of conformity

To receive the “VDE Quality Tested” quality mark, the safety and EMC requirements along with product-specific quality criteria must be met. VDE consumer tests and use simulations provide information on your products’ marketability.


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