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2017-02-15 press release

Smart Living: The VDE Institute develops cloud-based interoperable test platform

New management set the course for the future

With the development of a cloud-based test suite 2.0, the VDE testing and certification institute sets new standards as a system provider for complex networked products in the area of smart living. The basic prerequisites for the development of a smart living market are open systems and the interoperability of devices and components. In the test suite 2.0, the VDE experts test the interoperability of different smart home systems and technologies for information security, data protection and functional safety. "In the test suite 2.0, our experts already implement a remote-controlled verification of the conformity and interoperability of the respective product using defined use case scenarios during the development process," VDE CEO Ansgar Hinz explains the currently unique tool on the market. In this way, customers can be sure that the information exchange of their products also works in everyday life after it was launched on the market. The systems and applications, which are surveyed by the VDE experts, include smart home appliances / gateways, cloud services, apps (iOS, Android) on mobile devices as well as complete smart living systems.

Dr. Siegfried Pongratz
Press Officer

New management steer the VDE Institute

With the new test suite 2.0, the VDE Institute is launching a completely new test offer for smart technologies. "The customers of the VDE Institute are globally active and pass through the process of digitization and manufacturing system products. We must not rest on our market acceptance as a premium service provider. Now we have to implement our development-intensive new testing and certification strategies and attend our customers" Hinz says. The new strategies will be implemented by an extended management. It consists of Wolfgang Niedziella, who is responsible for all corporate governance, including Human Resources, Certification, Inspections & Conformity, Quality Management and Finance. In addition, he is responsible for expanding the international portfolio strategically, as well as developing partnerships and cooperations. Sven Öhrke is responsible for market cultivation, including Marketing and Sales, Customer Service, Strategic Internal Projects, and Global Services. Dr. Dirk David Goldbeck and Marcel Hülsmann are responsible for the production, which is bundled into different departments according to subject areas. They are also responsible for the departments of calibration, logistics and corporate development. Burkhard Strüder is responsible for the overriding shared services, for example, IT, Purchasing and Technical Services.

The new management at the VDE Institute have set five development goals. Firstly, the accompaniment of the internationalization of the constituency regarding standards, services and regions. Secondly, to become a system provider for testing and certification of complex networked customer products. Thirdly, the depiction of the digitalization of these customer products in our own services. Fourthly, the digitalization of one's own work processes must be geared to the state of the art. And fifthly, always align all competences with market requirements and clearly assign them to each other with regard to speed and efficiency.

The test configuration of the VDE test suite 2.0:

IOP Testsuite 2.0
  • Connection of the VDE Access Device (VAD) to the Internet and Device Under-Test (DUT). The DUT can be connected to the VAD via LAN or WLAN.
  • The VDE Access Device connects to the test portal. The connection is encrypted.
  • Afterwards, the user can use the web application in the VDE IOP Remote Testing Portal (via the browser) to start various test scenarios.
  • The customer can follow the protocol of the test in real time in the browser. After the tests are completed, the VDE Institute offers detailed log files and a report (HTML) for download.