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Questions and answers (FAQ) about the VDE CORPORATE STANDARD

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the VDE CORPORATE STANDARD. 

Dr. Stefan Heusinger


As with standards, a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD can be proposed by anyone. Start-ups, who would like to set trends, are invited as well as established companies or self-employed.

Who can I contact to create a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD?

Your contact person is Dr. Stefan Heusinger, see contact details. In addition, you can submit your proposal via the contact form or send an email to spec@vde.com.

How long does it take to create a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD?

The processing time depends on many factors. Of course, the scope and complexity of the document play a major role. Depending on the stage of preparation of your standardization proposal, it may be possible to prepare a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD within as little as 10 days. On average, it takes about two to three months to draft the VDE CORPORATE STANDARD.

Which topics can be covered in a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD?

The VDE CORPORATE STANDARD is tailored to your needs. All topics relevant to you can be covered, provided that the VDE compliance rules are observed. Therefore, non-technical topics can also be covered, like commercial, socio-political, mathematical and statistical issues or recommended actions.

Who is allowed to comment on the VDE CORPORATE STANDARD?

The VDE CORPORATE STANDARD is an individual product for you. You therefore determine whether or not public comments are to be made.

What services does the VDE provide when creating the VDE CORPORATE STANDARD?

The VDE takes over the entire project management required for the creation of a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD:

  • Organization of physical or virtual meetings,
  • invitations,
  • preparation and follow-up of meetings,
  • documentation of the results,
  • finalization of the VDE CORPORATE STANDARD.

In addition, the VDE provides the necessary infrastructure.

What are the advantages of creating a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD for companies?

New fields of technology and science can be quickly standardized via VDE CORPORATE STANDARD. Since the VDE CORPORATE STANDARD is not public, you and your company can gain a competitive edge. Or you can set clear standards for internal and external cooperation - for example with suppliers. In addition, the VDE CORPORATE STANDARD can serve as a basis for testing, certification and verification ("VDE verified").

What does the creation of a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD cost?

The cost of creating a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD depends on various parameters, such as the number of meetings required or the expected scope of the VDE CORPORATE STANDARD. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quote.

Where is a finished VDE CORPORATE STANDARD published?

The VDE CORPORATE STANDARD is developed individually for you. Publication is generally not planned but can be carried out at your request.

In which languages will a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD be made available?

The VDE CORPORATE STANDARD is prepared in German or English. In general, however, all languages or language combinations are permissible for the finished document. Additional time may be required for translation.

Can a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD also be created in cooperation with other partners?

Yes, this is generally possible. For example, the partners in a supply chain can define their common understanding of smooth cooperation and a certain level of quality in a VDE CORPORATE STANDARD. But VDE CORPORATE STANDARD can also be beneficial for forums and consortia.

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