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2023-11-30 Testing + Certification

VDE Global Services Shanghai

VDE Global Services Shanghai (VDE GS Shanghai), your ideal collaborated partnership for testing and certification. Subordinated directly to VDE Global Services, VDE GS Shanghai provides high-quality one-stop testing and certification services with short delivery time and local technical support.

VDE Global Services Shanghai

Our Services

We offer our services to the following products and industries

Cables and Cords

In electrical engineering, cables and cords are crucially important products for power distribution and energy use. Due to their important function, special attention must be paid to safety. If they are damaged, a fire hazard can be produced. The VDE Institute tests and certifies cables and cords for energy, signal and data transmission, therefore making a significant contribution to the required safety and Quality.

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Testing and certification of cables and cords at the VDE Institute according to international standards

Components and installation technology

Safety already begins with the smallest component and continues with all electric and electronic components that are used in assemblies, devices and systems for home, business and industry. And because safety depends on detail, precision and testing quality are our utmost priority.

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Safety already starts with the smallest component

Household appliances

In addition to low energy consumption and easy handling, guaranteeing quality and safety also plays a crucial role in the household. Not only is this important for liability reasons, but also as an image factor and, last but not least, as a competitive advantage. From the refrigerator to electric toothbrushes to the microwave, the VDE Institute offers a wide array of testing services and certifications for household appliances and assists manufacturers and distributors with the challenges of entering a market.

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Take advantage of our VDE marks as an image factor and competitive advantage


The market for lighting products is complex. Nothing seems impossible ever since the introduction of LEDs. But what makes quality products stand out and how do you recognize them? What does quality actually mean?

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Nahaufnahme von Scheinwerfern

Mobility and charging infrastructure

The electronics in the automobile and in the charging infrastructure must work reliably without interference and furthermore be absolutely safe, of course. Battery and control management, along with the utilized plug connectors, switches and wires, must ensure vehicle safety, even during and after an accident.

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Straße mit Fahrbahnmarkierung

Our location

VDE Global Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
402B Building 2, No.4855 Dushi Road,
Minhang District,
201199, Shanghai, P.R.China

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