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VDE Global Services Shanghai

VDE Global Services Shanghai (VDE GS Shanghai), your ideal collaborated partnership for testing and certification. Subordinated directly to VDE Global Services, VDE GS Shanghai provides high-quality one-stop testing and certification services with short delivery time and local technical support.


VDE Global Services Shanghai

VDE GS Shanghai has further enlarged its services during the past years. We spread our services throughout China, not only for manufactures, trading companies, but also for the market authorities and so on. With the high performance of our employees, we will return with first-class quality service for the customers needed.

Our vision and mission

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We aim to be your most reliable testing and certification partner. Over the past years, we have succeeded in helping hundreds of Chinese manufacturers receiving timely safety certifications required for their products. Uphold the principle of fairness and integrity, we would like to help those manufacturers reaching their significant development through getting the needed product certifications and technical support. Furthermore, we would also like to make our contribution for guaranteeing a safer and securer product used environment in larger area.

Our location

VDE Global Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
402B Building 2, No.4855 Dushi Road,
Minhang District,
201199, Shanghai, P.R.China

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