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2010-01-01 application rule

Development of VDE-Application Rules in VDE FNN (VDE-AR-N 4000 formerly N100)

Application Rules are developed according to an established procedure defined on VDE 0022 and VDE-AR-N 4000 (N 100). VDE-AR-N 4000 (N 100) describes the principles and procedures for the development of practice-oriented Application Rules by VDE FNN.

In a nutshell

  • Anyone can request the development of a new Application Rule
  • In the case of a positive assessment by the relevant Steering Committee, the drafting of a VDE-Application Rule is be agreed upon and a corresponding schedule is published
  • All relevant experts are then involved in the development of an Application Rule
  • Drafts are published and all proposed amendments are processed before the rules come into force
  • Application Rules are checked regularly and updated as required

Process cycle for VDE-AR-N 4000

Anyone can submit a request to VDE FNN for the creation of a new Application Rule or indeed for the revision of an existing Application Rule (Right to request).

The relevant Steering Committee then examines the request and decides whether the conditions for technical regulation are met. If these requirements are fulfilled a project group is created. Before an Application Rule is developed or revised, VDE FNN announces its intentions on its announcements page. In this way the experts involved can track the project from its inception and participate in its development. Experts in project groups draft Application Rules always based on consensus.

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Opportunities for participation

The relevant parties working on the drafting of rules are all equally involved in committee work. "Relevant parties" here refers to manufacturers, network operators, plant operators, academic institutions, authorities, testing institutes and industry associations. When appointing members, VDE FNN liaises mainly with professional bodies who then nominate their experts to work in committees at VDE FNN. These bodies often agree on a joint representative for each department to represent their collective interests in the committee.

Comments, amendments and publication

After publishing the draft of an Application Rule, public experts have at least two months to submit their amendment proposals. The VDE draft portal is available to view and/or comment a draft (only in German). Once the deadline for objections has passed, submitted appeals are discussed in the relevant project group. Proponents of the objections are invited to discuss their views with the group. The prerequisite is that the objections are factual and sufficiently substantiated.

Periodical revisions

VDE-Application Rules are revised at least every five years. An earlier revision can be considered in the case of a fast-changing topic. If an Application Rule no longer corresponds to state-of-the-art technology, its contents are either revised or withdrawn.

VDE-AR-N 4000 is available free of charge for VDE FNN Members in the Members Area, in the “Downloads + Links” section, in the top right of the page.