From left to right:  Sven Öhrke, managing director VDE Global Services Italy,  Marco Ausili, deputy of regional councilor, Chiara Biondi, regional councilor, Marcello Manfredi, managing director VDE Global Services Italy und Comodi Gabriele, vice major city of Fabriano.

2023-04-20 press release

New VDE test laboratory opened in Italy

VDE Global Services Italy significantly expands capacities with new laboratory. Better support for manufacturers on site in Italy. Additional testing facilities to be added next year.

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(Frankfurt a. M., 20.04.2023) VDE Global Services Italy has opened a new testing laboratory in Fabriano, Italy. The 500 m² laboratory will test both household and commercial appliances. These include refrigerators (both domestic and commercial), hobs, stove hoods, motors, pumps, heating elements, washing machines, dishwashers and more. In addition, there are tests according to EN 60730-1 and EN 60730-2-8 on components as well as all common material tests.

VDE GS Italy has a total of 14 employees, nine of whom work in the new laboratory. "We are very pleased to be able to provide local support to manufacturers in Italy by expanding our laboratory capacity," says Sven Öhrke, managing director of VDE Global Services. "In the coming year, we will expand our capacity again and set up additional testing facilities." The opening was celebrated with a reception on site in Fabriano. Among the about 60 guests were representatives from Italy's largest companies and from local politics.

Since 2018, the previous branch of the VDE Testing and Certification Institute has existed as VDE Global Services Italy. The local VDE experts can offer all important testing services, especially for the household appliance manufacturers based there.

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