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2019-05-29 Testing + Certification

VDE Americas

VDE Americas is a leading service provider of technical due diligence and engineering services for solar power and energy storage systems (ESS).


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The highly experienced team at VDE Americas provides critical independent technical services to efficiently support a wide array of solar and ESS financial transactions. The partnership between the VDE and the Fraunhofer ISE creates a wide range of experience, expertise and capability, which guarantees a high-quality service to you.

Our customers include financial institutions who have financed and invested in renewable energy projects, integrated manufacturers who have built some of the largest solar plants in the world, and project developers.  Together with our partner Fraunhofer ISE, we rely on our best-in-class depth of knowledge and experience to provide customers with the utmost confidence in their strategic investments.

Services of VDE Americas

Independent Engineering Services for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Support for solar PV and ESS asset development and financing

Comprehensive, efficient and cost effective services uniquely suited to support solar PV and ESS asset development and financing (commercial and utility scale).

Project due diligence services, including:

  • System performance modeling and production estimation
  • Review and analysis of legal and technical documentation
  • Analysis of pro-forma assumptions for production revenue and operational costs, including projected maintenance
  • On-site inspection and test Services
  • Comprehensive reports, certifications, and opinion letters
  • Review and analysis of operating Systems
  • US Tax Equity guidance based investment support & know-how

Technical Bankability for Solar Power Plants

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VDE was instrumental in the development of IEC standards for solar PV module certification. For decades the VDE Institute has been testing and certifying modules for major photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers worldwide. VDE along with our partner Fraunhofer ISE are leading the industry with the introduction of Quality Tested (QT) certification for PV power plant systems. The PV system certification is an important element in reducing risk to project developers, financial entities and insurance companies.

The technical performance and quality assurance provided by VDE Americas & Fraunhofer’s highly experienced independent assessment enable PV assets to meet long term financial goals; critical to successful project financing and YieldCo return requirements.

Access to competitive insurance solutions

  • VDE’s premium approach to bankability has led us to become a trusted partner to the finance and insurance sectors. Customers can benefit from VDE’s certification to gain access to more attractive conditions for insurance solutions.
  • PV power plant developers can gain access to the integrated financial and technical services for PV systems from Allianz Climate Solutions and VDE – risk assessment, quality assurance, certification and insurance services.
  • PV module suppliers who are certified with the VDE Quality Tested mark for PV modules meet the insurability conditions and are pre-qualified for risk-transfer solutions from Munich Re.

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