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VDE Global Services Suzhou

Founded in 2009, VDE Global Services Suzhou Branch (VDE GS SU) is based on the widely Chinese market, to provide clients with high-quality and convenient services. In 2012, VDE GS SU Lab is set-up for local testing service, which strengthen our capability to help you.


Customer Service Suzhou
Mr. Zhongxuan Wu

Professional performance for you

VDE GS SU is set close to customer as many as more than 1000 clients in order of convenience and short-delivery for the customers. Our main business include but not limited to electric wire and cable, plug and socket, appliance couplers, household appliances, lighting equipment and relevant components, electrical and electronic components, electric cars, insulation materials and so on. Since the establishment, with technical support from VDE headquarter, combined with local professional sales and customer service, VDE GS SU would provide you the local testing service and other consulting services. VDE GS SU will be your best partner in product testing and certification to Europe.

Our Service

VDE Suzhou (2)
  • Product safety – testing, certification, inspection
  • Hazard/Risk analysis, functional safety, software evaluation
  • Information security, data security, interoperability
  • Chemical product safety and sustainability
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Energy efficiency and eco-design
  • Supply chain services; inspection services
  • Usability; VDE Quality Tested
  • Lifetime and reliability of products
  • International service; foreign approvals
  • Certification of management systems

Our Local Testing

VDE Suzhou (1)
  • Plugs and socket-outlets
  • Appliance couplers
  • Household Appliances (e.g. Motors, Pumps, Heating Elements)
  • HAR cables
  • Automotive components