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2023-11-30 Testing + Certification

VDE Global Services Suzhou

Comprehensive localization services have been established in VDE GS SU. Some tests can be carried out in Chinese local laboratories and some products just through a set of tests can directly apply for VDE, CB, ENEC, CE certification, which greatly shortening the test cycle. Through our professional engineers, proficient customer service and sales teams, we provide technical support and assistance to manufacturers who need product safety approval throughout China.

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Our Services

We offer our services to the following products and industries


The VDE tests and certifies your batteries according to current standards and distinguishes itself with test seals for the national and international market. Because if too little attention is paid to quality during battery manufacturing, it can affect the performance and safety of batteries. Defective batteries can damage devices. In the worst-case scenario, it may even cause fires or explosions and thus, personal injury as well. This is why an increasing number of consumers are also looking out for the independent VDE mark on batteries. 

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Wiederaufladbare Industriebatterien

Building and supply technologies

In addition to electrical safety, the energy efficiency of devices and systems in building and supply technologies plays a crucial role. Alternative heating and climate systems should help reduce the amount of CO2, among other things. By doing so, they not only make a crucial contribution to the climate and environmental protection, but also offer the consumer attractive benefits in heat cost savings. The VDE Institute guides manufacturers and distribution companies with their testing and certification services as early as during the development process – from the heating system to the roller shutter drive.

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The VDE Institute tests devices and systems for electrical safety, among other things

Cables and Cords

In electrical engineering, cables and cords are crucially important products for power distribution and energy use. Due to their important function, special attention must be paid to safety. If they are damaged, a fire hazard can be produced. The VDE Institute tests and certifies cables and cords for energy, signal and data transmission, therefore making a significant contribution to the required safety and Quality.

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Testing and certification of cables and cords at the VDE Institute according to international standards

Commercial appliances

Secure delivery and usage must be ensured for commercial or industrial electric products and plants. Now only does this minimize economic damage, but it can also save human lives in case of emergency. As a competent partner, the VDE Institute performs tests for your commercial appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators and freezers or large catering equipment.

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Reihe von Waschmaschinen im Waschsalon

Components and installation technology

Safety already begins with the smallest component and continues with all electric and electronic components that are used in assemblies, devices and systems for home, business and industry. And because safety depends on detail, precision and testing quality are our utmost priority.

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Safety already starts with the smallest component

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics characterize our day-to-day life like never before. Flat-screen TVs, game consoles or multi-room systems have become an indispensable part of our living rooms. To ensure that the focus in a home theater is on entertainment, and not on the issue of safety and reliability, the experts at the VDE Institute test and certify consumer electronics devices. Our tests include all important aspects related to safety, sustainability and user-friendliness.

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Fernsehen auf der Couch mit Fernbedienung in der Hand

Energy Supply

Electrical networks with its power lines and switch gear as well as additional electrical equipment constitute the classical interface between power generation and power consumption.

The future coexistence of centralized and decentralized supply systems demands an energy management based on the most advanced IT technology, the increased use of renewable energy and the introduction of large-scale automation and protection systems as well as real-time safety management. In addition to the technical challenge, it is highly important to ensure the supply quality of the public electricity networks.

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Safety and efficiency of the energy supply through the latest IT technology

Garden Appliances

Lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, scarifiers, leaf blowers and chainsaws are standard tools for gardening fans. As these tools are subject to high standards, quality and safety are a must. Garden tools must be robust and stable, easy to use, safe and electromagnetically compatible. The VDE Institute offers manufacturers of garden power tools a range of services regarding safety, usability and electromagnetic compatibility.

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Testing and certification at the VDE Institute

Grid conformity

The increasing expansion of energy networks with renewable energy poses new challenges to manufacturers, plant operators and system operators alike. Compliance with connection conditions for grid feed-in is an important prerequisite for ensuring the stability and performance of electricity grids. The VDE Testing and Certification Institute offers you all the important tests and certifications related to grid conformity.

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Feeding renewable energy into the power grid

Household appliances

In addition to low energy consumption and easy handling, guaranteeing quality and safety also plays a crucial role in the household. Not only is this important for liability reasons, but also as an image factor and, last but not least, as a competitive advantage. From the refrigerator to electric toothbrushes to the microwave, the VDE Institute offers a wide array of testing services and certifications for household appliances and assists manufacturers and distributors with the challenges of entering a market.

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Take advantage of our VDE marks as an image factor and competitive advantage

Industry 4.0

The rapidly growing digitization of economy and society is the driving force behind Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. By using the latest information and communications techniques, self-organization of production in intelligent factories, or smart factories, will become a possibility, with intelligent, digitally networked systems forming the technical foundation for it.  Thanks to direct communication and cooperation between man and machine, the entire value-added chain can be optimized, and customer requests can therefore be addressed with greater flexibility.

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IOT Internet of Things

Information technology

We work on the PC, communicate with smartphones, and find our way using navigation systems – hardly anybody can imagine life without information technology.  .

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Close-up of a motherboard platine


The market for lighting products is complex. Nothing seems impossible ever since the introduction of LEDs. But what makes quality products stand out and how do you recognize them? What does quality actually mean?

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Nahaufnahme von Scheinwerfern

Mobility and charging infrastructure

The electronics in the automobile and in the charging infrastructure must work reliably without interference and furthermore be absolutely safe, of course. Battery and control management, along with the utilized plug connectors, switches and wires, must ensure vehicle safety, even during and after an accident.

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Straße mit Fahrbahnmarkierung

Power Tools

Power tools let both do-it-yourselfers and professionals work effortlessly and efficiently, but this product group in particular requires high safety standards. This is because the risk of injury is exceptionally high if the safety requirements are not implemented or inadequately implemented.

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Rail, Ship and Offshore

Electronic products used on rail vehicles or high sea must be able to withstand a lot. Alongside short circuit currents, they are exposed to vibrations and shaking as well as external environmental influences such as rapid changes in temperature, water, salt spray, oily environments and strong sunshine.


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Container Ship


According to the Product Liability Act (Produkthaftungsgesetz), the manufacturer and the entity placing the product on the market are liable for personal injuries or property damage resulting from a defective product. Retailers can only protect themselves against risk through reliable quality assurance processes.

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The VDE Institute accompanies retailers and providers throughout the entire production process

Smart Home / Smart Living

Devices and systems in your own home are becoming increasingly intelligent. The ability to communicate with one another is still the smallest hurdle that in-home devices and systems must overcome. Manufacturers of smart home systems and devices face technical challenges in software and hardware. The experts at the VDE Institute assist you with the most important requirements for your products – even as early as during the development phase.

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Comfortable living with smart home

Smart Metering

Recording industrial and household energy consumption is always the center of interest for politicians and businessmen. The objective is to control energy consumption, stimulate energy savings and promote innovative technologies in this sector.

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We test and certify your smart metering products

VDE Global Market Access Services (GMA)


International Service

  • Worldwide obtaining of product approval according to international certification procedures and bilateral agreements

  • One time test, conversion to foreign approvals without retest

  • Global factory inspections result recognition to save time and cost

  • The Certifications which we can offer : CCC/CSA/PSE/KC/GCC/ISI/RCM/NOM/INMETRO/SABS 

Our location

VDE Global Services Suzhou Branch
MXIC Building 1F East
No. 55, Su Hong Xi Road
Suzhou Industrial Park
Suzhou 215021
P.R. China

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