Testing and certification at the VDE Institute
2021-02-25 Testing + Certification

Garden Appliances – Testing and Certification at the VDE Institute

Lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, scarifiers, leaf blowers and chainsaws are standard tools for gardening fans. As these tools are subject to high standards, quality and safety are a must. Garden tools must be robust and stable, easy to use, safe and electromagnetically compatible. The VDE Institute offers manufacturers of garden power tools a range of services regarding safety, usability and electromagnetic compatibility.

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Anyone wanting to bring their ideas to life in the garden relies on a range of different electronic and petrol-powered tools. Many hobby gardeners underestimate the dangers of using tools in the garden. Each year, around 200,000 accidents take place in gardens and allotments, partially due to faulty or improperly used power tools. Anyone wanting to avoid any such risk should look for the VDE mark when buying a garden power tool, which has stood for safety and quality in electronics since 1920.

Household and professional tools on the test bench

At the VDE Institute, gardening tools are tested in a variety of ways - even during the development process. Through our position as a Notified Body for the Machine Directive, we support the market introduction of products subject to model approval. Furthermore, we are a recognized authority on sound pollution guidelines for the use of tools and machines outside (Outdoor Noise Directive). We offer all tests in one place. This means you not only save time, but also money.

Microphone for acoustic measurement

Our special test facilities include

  • Ball shooting facility to assess the mechanical safety of lawnmowers
  • Braking time measuring equipment
  • Engine breaking time tests for all performance classes
  • Testing equipment for the kickback angle on chainsaws
  • Test facilities to assess the safety and performance of batteries, e.g. lithium ion batteries
  • Precision class 1 acoustics measuring room and acoustic camera
  • Modern EMC test center
  • Chemistry laboratory with comprehensive analysis facilities


We carry out 50 different individual tests on lawnmowers alone.


We carry out 50 different individual tests on lawnmowers alone.

One of these many tests involves measuring standstill detection. Shutdown time after switching off is an especially important safety aspect when it comes to cutting tools like lawnmowers. A lawnmower must automatically turn off after the user lets go of the switch to avoid injury from the cutting blades after a fall or other accident.

The VDE Institute checks the kickback angle of chainsaws

Chainsaw “kickback”

Using chainsaws can come with various risks. The “kickback” is one of the biggest dangers when using a chainsaw.

The VDE Institute checks the kickback angle of chainsaws

Using chainsaws can come with various risks. The “kickback” is one of the biggest dangers when using a chainsaw.

The European and international safety norms for chainsaws stipulate maximum values for chainsaw kickback angles and the chain stop angle. International norm ISO 9518 is used to establish this. The VDE Institute has modern, universal equipment that can provide this information in accordance with ISO 9518.

Portfolio expansion: VDE Institute tests petrol-powered forestry, municipal grounds and gardening equipment

Front of the new VDE laboratory on the DLG TestService premises in Groß-Umstadt
2022-02-02 short info

The VDE Institute has been awarding the VDE mark and the VDE GS mark to safe electrically powered forestry and gardening equipment for a long time. Now with our latest portfolio expansion, we also offer manufacturers of petrol-driven motorised devices in the field of forestry, municipal grounds and gardening technology the opportunity to advertise with the renowned VDE mark.

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