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Accreditations, Approvals and Notifications

The accreditation by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) confirms our competence for the testing and certification of products and systems in the following areas:


Customer Service

Overview of our accreditations

The VDE Institute has been active in the testing and certification of products for over 100 years. Our test marks enjoy high recognition worldwide.

Our activities have always focused on reproducibility and traceability of test results. For this reason, our laboratoires are now accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and our certification body to ISO/IEC 17065.

In the context of harmonization of accreditation requirements at European (EA) and international (ILAC, IAF) level, our scope of accreditation has continuously evolved. On request, we also offer our customers test reports with explicit proof of accreditation. In any case, however, we always consider the respective valid accreditation requirements in our activities. This also applies to our certification services.

The scope of accreditation of a certification body is described by certification programs, which are either regulatory, normative, or individually defined. The detailed listing of product standards relevant within the scope of accredited certification programs is usually not provided for in the certificate/deed annex.

For most of our certification processes, our own certification program for the VDE mark is applied.

If you have any questions about our accreditation, our account managers will be happy to provide information.

Overview of other approvals

EC Directives

For the internal market of the European Union (EU), the VDE Institute is listed under the identification no. 0366.

Only a selection of documents can be provided on this website in English. All original accreditation documents can be found here in German.