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Die Fachruppe 1.1.3 Yield Enhancement

GMM User Group Yield Enhancement


This User group was founded 2004 and is organized within the GMM expert committee                                                                                                                         

1.1.3 "Production and Manufacturing Equipment - Yield Enhancement".

The scope of the User Group is to provide a platform for discussion and exchange on yield enhancement in semiconductor manufacturing. Discussion topics range from defect engineering methods, yield correlation to process stability. The once a year meeting is open to European semiconductor manufacturing sites for discussion and information exchange of managers, engineers, and scientists.
In advance of each workshop, the members of the User Group will define the two topics of discussion for the next meeting. Examples of those topics are : Wafer edge and backside engineering, Defect Equipment Monitoring, Zero defect strategy,…..

Each company attending is asked to hold a short presentation on one of the two selected topics. The exchange of presentations, however, is not required.
In addition a tool discussion session takes place as well within this 2 day workshop. In this session each company shares their experiences on a particular tool without a formal presentation but an intense discussion and exchange. The focus of the meeting is clearly on open technical discussions and informal information exchange.
The number of participants per company is not limited in order to give  also new defect and yield engineers  the chance to participate and learn from the whole European community of experts.

The User group is lead and moderated by M. Häuser, Infineon and I. Thurner, Convanit.

If you are interested to participate or if you need further information please feel free to contact:

Ines Thurner, ines.thurner@convanit.com

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