The change in standards has a major impact on charging plug testing.
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2022-07-29 short info

New standard for charging plugs requires changes in testing

The change from DIN EN 62196-1 (VDE 0623-5-1):2015-06 to IEC 62196-1:2022 Plugs, sockets, vehicle couplers and vehicle connectors – Conductive charging of electric vehicles has a major impact on charging plug testing.

Daniel Granatella

Some tests will be adapted, and a number of tests will be added under certain conditions. The VDE Institute is a reliable partner here and offers tests on charging plugs all under one roof.

The test specifications that have been changed include, for example, those for the wipe test or those for determining the 100N plugging in and unplugging force. The tests for behavior in use have been expanded to include immersion of the test specimen in a mixture of water and Arizona sand. In the follow-up test on temperature rise, the number of measuring points for temperature measurement on the plug was increased from one to three.

Furthermore, a number of new test specifications were added. These include the thermal shock test. In ten cycles, the plugs are subjected to a temperature change from +125°C to -40°C and back. 

Depending on the nature of the plug, some tests may not have to be performed. If the contacts have a silver coating of at least 5µm, tests such as those for moisture exposure or contact durability can be omitted. All other plugs with no or thinner silver coating must be subjected to a moisture test with plug cycles and a thermal shock test. The thermal shock test involves testing contact durability by running current and temperature cycles in conjunction with the plug in an oven.

All charging plugs must be tested to determine how they will behave if the plug is not aligned correctly. This is because the components must be designed so that they do not overheat when mechanical stresses occur.

For all tests, you can count on the professional competence of VDE's experts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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