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Biomedical Engineering / Biomedizinische Technik

Joint journal of the German Society for Biomedical Engineering in VDE and the Austrian and Swiss Societies for Biomedical Engineering and the German Society of Biomaterials

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2023 • Volume 68 • Number 4 - Contents:


Morufu Olusola Ibitoye, Nur Azah Hamzaid and Yusuf Kola Ahmed
Effectiveness of FES-supported leg exercise for promotion of paralysed lower limb muscle and bone health - a systematic review
Page 329

Research Articles:

Shahin Rouhi, Saeid Rahmani, Faezeh Shanesazzadeh, Tala Ahmadvand, Mahrokh Namazi, Mehdi Fardmanesh and Sahar Kiani
Stimulation of spinal cord according to recorded theta hippocampal rhythm during rat move on treadmill
Page 351

Rongrong Fu, Zheyu Li, Shiwei Wang, Dong Xu, Xiaodong Huang and Haifeng Liang
EEG-based driver states discrimination by noise fraction analysis and novel clustering algorithm
Page 361

Nambi Narayanan Senthilvelmurugan and Sutha Subbian
Active fault tolerant deep brain stimulator for epilepsy using deep neural network
Page 373

Dhananjay Budaraju, Bala Chakravarthy Neelapu, Kunal Pal and Sivaraman Jayaraman
Stacked machine learning models to classify atrial disorders based on clinical ECG features: a method to predict early atrial fibrillation
Page 393

Linshan Shen, Xuwei Zhang, Shaobin Huang, Bing Wu and Jingjie Li
A diagnostic method for cardiomyopathy based on multimodal data
Page 411

David B. Ellebrecht
Hyperspectral imaging enables the differentiation of differentially inflated and perfused pulmonary tissue: a proof-of-concept study in pulmonary lobectomies for intersegmental plane mapping
Page 421

Mücahit Cihan and Murat Ceylan
Hyperspectral imaging-based cutaneous wound classification using neighbourhood extraction 3D convolutional neural network
Page 427

Perihan Oyar and Rukiye Durkan
The effects of heating rate and sintering time on the biaxial flexural strength of monolithic zirconia ceramics
Page 437


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