E-Mobility Fact-check

The federal government is expecting one million electric cars to drive on German roads in the next few years. The decisive factor to successfully develop E-Mobility to this rate is a proper integration into the energy system from the outset.

Scientific foundation for a sustainable grid integration

In the meta-study "Research overview for the grid integration of E-Mobility", VDE FNN and the Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft e.V. (Federal Association of Energy and Water Management) or BDEW, has published a report to investigate the impact of increasing the penetration of E-Mobility on the power grid. The meta-study provides recommendations based on scientific facts for a successful grid integration of e-mobility.

  • The decisive factor is not the number of electric cars, but the number of simultaneous charging processes in combination with the network status.
  • Network operators must be able to dynamically adapt loads to the network capacity and use smart control for charging devices in critical network situations.
  • Networks should be expanded if network optimisation is not possible.
  • Network expansion and control concepts must work well together for a successful network integration in the long term