VDE|FNN konkretisiert die Anforderungen des Europäischen Network Codes DCC für Deutschland in VDE-Anwendungsregeln.
2018-09-07 page

Network Code on Demand Connection (DCC)

The European Network Code on Demand Connection includes harmonized regulations for grid connection of consumption and distribution systems. It focuses on the cross-border electricity trade. Load management, load-side matchings and demand side response are being addressed by the code as well as new rules for the cooperation of system and network operators.

  • Publication in EU Official Journal: August 17, 2016
  • In force: September 7, 2016
  • Implementation in national rules through VDE FNN not later than September 7, 2018; subsequently European notification
  • Inclusion in VDE body of technical standardization on October 19th, 2018.
VDE-Application Rule


Period for objection

Consultation on proposals for changes

Pre-release version for notification

NotificationInclusion in VDE body of technical standardization
Requirements on customer installations
Connection to Extra High Voltage (VDE-AR-N 4130)07/31/201710/01/201703/26-27/201805/17/201808/23/201810/19/2018
Connection and Operation of Customer Installations to High-Voltage Grid
(VDE-AR-N 4120)
Connection and Operation of Customer Installations to Medium-Voltage Grid
(VDE-AR-N 4110)
Requirements on network operators
Interfaces between Transmission System and Distribution System Operators for Secure Grid Operation (E VDE-AR-N 4141)08/25/201710/25/201703/02/201809/07/2018in progressafter notification

Cascading Measures for the System Safety of Electrical Power Grids

(VDE-AR-N 4140)


Backing the creation process

VDE FNN has closely followed the Network Codes creation process and regularly submitted proposals for improvement.

  • Requirements do not refer to the grid connection point 
  • Interfaces between transmission system and distribution system operators
  • Frequency-stabilizing measures by the transmission system operator should be carried out in coordination with the distribution system operator
  • Definitions must be harmonized and clearly defined (e.g. significant load)
  • Demand side response requirements should be reduced to technical requirements