VDE|FNN konkretisiert die Anforderungen des Europäischen Network Codes DCC für Deutschland in VDE-Anwendungsregeln.
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Network Code on Demand Connection (DCC)

The European Network Code on Demand Connection includes harmonized regulations for grid connection of consumption and distribution systems. It focuses on the cross-border electricity trade. Load management, load-side matchings and demand side response are being addressed by the code as well as new rules for the cooperation of system and network operators.

  • Publication in EU Official Journal: August 17, 2016
  • In force: September 7, 2016
  • Implementation in national rules through VDE|FNN not later than September 7, 2018
  • Implementation by grid operators and manufacturers no later than August 17, 2019
VDE Code of Practice


Period for objection

Final version

Requirements on customer installations
Connection to Extra High Voltage (E VDE-AR-N 4130)07/31/201710/1/2017(05/2018)open
Connection and Operation of Customer Installations to High-Voltage Grid",
(E VDE-AR-N 4120)
Connection and Operation of Customer Installations to Medium-Voltage Grid",
(E VDE-AR-N 4110)
Requirements on network operators
Interfaces between Transmission System and Distribution System Operators for Secure Grid Operation (E VDE-AR-N 4141)08/25/201710/25/2017(09/2018)open

Cascading Measures for the System Safety of Electrical Power Grids,"

(VDE-AR-N 4140)


Backing the creation process

VDE|FNN has closely followed the Network Codes creation process and regularly submitted proposals for improvement.

  • Requirements do not refer to the grid connection point 
  • Interfaces between transmission system and distribution system operators
  • Frequency-stabilizing measures by the transmission system operator should be carried out in coordination with the distribution system operator
  • Definitions must be harmonized and clearly defined (e.g. significant load)
  • Demand side response requirements should be reduced to technical requirements