When developing new products, many requirements need to be taken into account.
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2020-02-24 Testing + Certification

Testing during development

Anyone developing an electrotechnical product or device faces many challenges. On the one hand, the device must meet the users' expectations and function accordingly. On the other hand, safety must also be taken into account from the outset when developing products. This is where we support you - so that your product not only functions correctly, but is also safe to use.

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Legal and normative requirements for electrotechnical devices are intended to ensure that newly developed products comply with the current state of technology, and do not pose a risk to people or the environment.
The development of these new devices often takes years and requires many resources. At the end of the development process, testing and certification takes place to confirm conformity with the relevant standards. If mistakes have been made during development, the worst case scenario is that the entire development phase must start all over again.

Successful development through accompanying tests

Legal and normative requirements must be met during product development.
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The VDE Institute supports manufacturers in ensuring that final product testing runs as smoothly as possible. For this purpose we offer you our development accompaniment tests. These development accompaniment tests provide relevant results regarding conformity with the legal and normative requirements during the early development phase of the product. You can effectively use these assessments to optimize the product during development. Among other things, the certification of your end product can be attained faster and cheaper.

Many tests carried out during this "development accompaniment test" are recognized by the VDE Institute during final certification and do not need to be repeated. However, this only applies on the condition that no significant changes have been made to the product, or that the standard does not specify any other sequence.

Directive search for the EU Declaration of Conformity

It has been a long time since an EU Declaration of Conformity has been as simple as it was in the beginning. Due to the more complex EU policy, now more Directives apply for a product. For manufacturers, this means a flood of Directives from which they need to find the right one for their product. The certification experts at the VDE Institute will be more than happy to assist you with personal directive research that is tailored to your product. We are also more than happy to provide you with the VDE Institute’s suggestion on the appropriate EU Declaration of Conformity.

If you do not find your product in the list, or if you are unsure about your product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us and be effectively and efficiently prepared for the market with your new product, right from the start.

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